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Species Pegasus
Type Recurring Character
Eyes Green
Mane Navy Blue
Coat Blue
Cutie Mark Winged thunderbolt
Special Trait Flight
Voice Actor(s) Matt Hill

Soarin' , spelled by the show's creator with an apostrophe, is one of the male members of The Wonderbolts. He appears in the earlier episodes of the series, and makes his speaking debut in The Best Night Ever where another Wonderbolt, Spitfire, mentions his name.

Soarin' is one of the male members of The Wonderbolts. He appears in some of the earlier episodes of the series shown with the other Wonderbolts, but he actually makes his speaking debut in the episode The Best Night Ever. Spitfire also mentions his name in this episode.



Under Soarin's uniform, he is a blue Pegasus who wears goggles.

Cutie Mark

His cutie mark is a winged thunderbolt, which all male Wonderbolts have on their uniforms. However, Soarin's is shown to be the same cutie mark as is on the male Wonderbolts suits in A Canterlot Wedding. This indicates that he is the top male flyer in the group.


Soarin' is well known for his love of pie.

At the royal wedding, Soarin' is shown dancing with Rainbow Dash. Aside from the obvious romantic implications, Soarin's outfit has millitary stripes on his shoulders and insignias on his collar. This would indicate him to be a high-ranking officer in the Equestrian Millitary. Considering the fact that the Blue Angels are millitary, it makes sense that all Wonderbolts are in the millitary. Considering Dash dreams to join the group, it could perhaps be that weather-pegasi are a branch of the Equetrian Navy/Army/Airforce/Millitary.


It is unknown.

Episode Appearances

Soarin' first appears when Rainbow Dash has a fantasy about showing off her signature moves to the crowd at the Grand Galloping Gala and the Wonderbolts insist that her moves be incorporated in their routine. Soarin' first talks in the last episode The Best Night Ever, where he buys a pie from Applejack and flirts with Rainbow Dash.

He also appears in Secret of My Excess, with his mane looking disheveled.

He appears in A Canterlot Wedding in a still photograph towards the end. He is shown out of his uniform for the first time, dancing with Rainbow Dash. This indicates that the two are the first ponies to be in a canon sexual relationship.

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