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== Trivia ==
::1-Twilight is the name of a movie.
::2-His brother says Twilie to him

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Twilight Sparkle
Species Unicorn
Type Main Character
Eyes Bluish cyan
Mane Purple, Violet and Pink
Coat Light Purple
Cutie Mark Dark pink star surrounded by five smaller white ones
Special Trait Powerful magic ability, organizational skills
Voice Actor(s) Tara Strong (English)
Merel Burmeister (Dutch)
Joanna Wegrzynowska (Polish)
Rebecca Shoichet (Singing Voice)

Twilight Sparkle is one of the main characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is the first main character that is introduced in the series, for she is seen running home to study the Elements of Harmony. She is what is known as a "party-pooper", for she constantly studies and rejects any form of friendship at first.



Twilight Sparkle as a Filly

Twilight Sparkle (called Twilight by her friends) is a Unicorn with a main color of purple. Her coat's coloration is a light purple, while her mane is blue, purple and pink. Her color is a reference to her name. When it is twilight, it is a time where there is a mixture of light and dark, which explains Twilight's coloration.

Her Cutie Mark is a dark pink star that is surrounded by five smaller, white bunches of glitter. It is also a reference to her name, but this time her last name, Sparkle. Her Cutie Mark is actually very sparkly, despite her personality in the beginning not being such.

As a Filly, nothing changes about her.

Cutie Mark

In the episode The Cutie Mark Chronicles, Twilight Sparkle tells the Cutie Mark Crusaders how she got her cutie mark. As a Filly, Twilight has always wanted to go to the Summer Sun Celebration, when she got there she witnessed Princess Celestia raising the sun, and it really inspired her she learn everything about magic. Princess Celestia basically became her idol after this too. To her surprise, her parents decided to enroll Twilight in Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, but first, she had to pass an entrance exam, which was going to be judged by four teacher ponies. She had to use her magic to hatch an egg, but she tried and tried but kept failing. This was until Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom startled her which caused her to shoot off powerful magic to hatch the egg, and out comes an infant Spike.

Though the magic was powerful, Twilight Sparkle could not control it and started randomly shooting out magic, which turned her parents into plants and Spike into an adult dragon. Princess Celestia notices the magic coming from the building and quickly arrives to calm Twilight down. Twilight apologizes, but Princess Celestia isn't upset at all. Instead she recognizes how good Twilight's powers are, but she recommends that she studies and learns how to take better control of her magic. Princess Celestia offers that Twilight becomes on personal protege at the school, and Twilight is so excited that she is at a loss for words. She looks to her parents who are telling her to say yes and Twilight Sparkle then jumps up and cheers. After this, her cutie mark appears.


Twilight possesses a huge amount of book-knowledge and intelligence. But Twilight lacks in social skills. This can be seen right in the first episode/pilot when some ponies invite her to a "get together" but Twilight would rather study. Later then, Twilight Sparkle is sent to Ponyville by Celestia to make some friends. Twilight Sparkle feels the opposite way, and doesn't really care to make new friends. While there, Twilight still devotes herself to studying and not trying to make friends. Though, she does meet the rest of the main ponies. Later in the episode Pinkie Pie even holds a party for Twilight, but Twilight isn't interested and just goes to bed. Twilight studied about the "Mare in the Moon" and the "Elements of Harmony" and learned that Nightmare Moon was going to come back for revenge. Twilight thought she could defeat Nightmare Moon by herself, but realizes after everything her "friends" have done for her, she realizes that she does need them to defeat Nightmare Moon. Without her friends would of never defeated Nightmare Moon or survived going through the Everfree Forest.

Twilight can seem worldly and naive because of the lack of her social skills, which can be demonstrated when she had her first slumber party with Applejack and Rarity in the episode Look Before You Sleep she was really excited about it, since she used a book about slumber parties through the episode, and checked off stuff as they completed them. When a tree came through her bedroom window, she was at a loss because she couldn't find it in the book. She also ran her first long-distance running event in the episode Fall Weather Friends, but she only had to read about it and not take the book along. She ended up getting fifth because she did what the book said and paced herself.

She is also the most educated out of all her friends, and tends to take more practical approaches to solving problems. She is also straightforward and honest, she is prone to her friends sarcasm. She never wants to show off her powers to her, even though she has incredible magical powers and is highly intelligent. Despite her not wanting to make friends from the start, she realizes she really treasures her friends.

Later in the show you are given the knowledge that she has a brother named Shining Armor. They according to her were really close and was her one of her only friends when living in Canterlot. She ends up gathering some of her personality from their relationship back then and retains some aspects of it throughout the show.

She is also organized, which can seen a lot throughout the series.


Twilight Sparkle reading, which she does best

Twilight Sparkle is really skilled when it comes to magic. Usually, unicorns only posse a little bit of magic, and it suits whatever talent they have, but Twilight, being the wielder of the element of magic, has prove herself to be a very powerful magician, and probably one of the most powerful magicians. She also appears to have a lot of skill with telekinesis, which she can move things around, which she is shown making a dozen apples in the episode Applebuck Season, and she holds an Ursa Minor while moving a water tower in the episode Boast Busters. It is also shown that she can cast spells that control animals' behavior in the episode Swarm of the Century.

In the episode Cutie Mark Crusaders it was confirmed that for a unicorn, Twilight's ability's were quite unusual and unique than other unicorns, Princess Celestia also states that she's never seen Twilight's level of ability in any other unicorn before which should make Twilight proud, since Princess Celestia has been around for more than a millennium. Though Twilight has powerful magic, sometimes she can't control it, which can be seen in the episodes Winter Wrap Up and Swarm of the Century. This shows that Twilight has not perfected her magic kills yet and she is more likely to lose control over it when she's under stress.

Twilight can also teleport, or travel short distances. She is shown teleporting several times in the episode Applebuck Season, even when she didn't need to. She does it again in the episode The Ticket Master too, but she didn't intend to do it, but it helped her get away from the ponies chasing her. Twilight she also create or transform things such as mustaches on others faces and change rocks into formal attire. Spike has boasted several times about how powerful her magic is, and says she can do 25 different kinds of magic in the episode Boast Busters. Later in the episode, she learns a new type of magic when trying to deal with the Ursa Minor.

She also has really impressive organization skills. In the episode Winter Wrap Up she uses her incredible organization skills to help Ponyville be on schedule to clear up winter. She also becomes the official organization for the every Winter Wrap Up.

Despite all of her good abilities, she was quick at organizing the raw materials for the bird's nest in Winter Wrap Up, and it didn't turn out too good, which made Rarity go into despair over her attempts to fix it. In the same episode it is shown that Twilight have little to no physical strength, which is shown when she was trying to use a snowplough and couldn't move it. In Fall Weather Friends even Applejack and Rainbow Dash didn't have confidence in her athletic abilities at all, though she still read about long distance running strategies and still got fifth place in the race.

Her ability to research quickly and remember a lot of knowledge is quite the skill too.


Twilight's first residential area is Canterlot, a regal realm in Equestria, world of the ponies. She is a scholar-type Unicorn, and is represented as such. Because of her location, she studies under her mentor, Princess Celestia.

Later, she resides in Ponyville, where she stays in the library with her helper, a baby dragon named Spike. Her original plan was to study the Elements of Harmony in this area, but that does not work out as well as she expected, for Pinkie Pie throws her a welcoming surprise party the first day that she is in town.

Episode Appearances

Twilight Sparkle is the only character to be in every episode so far.


1-Twilight is the name of a movie.
2-His brother says Twilie to him

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