Angel bunny.png
Species Rabbit
Type Companion
Eyes Black with white pupils
Coat White
Special Trait N/A
Owner Fluttershy

Angel is a cantankerous white rabbit who Fluttershy is taking care of. It is uncertain whether Angel is her pet or not, though she certainly treats him like one. Angel and Fluttershy have a curious relationship since Angel a lot more assertive than Fluttershy and sometimes even bosses her around.



He is a plain white bunny with a pink nose.


Angel is very cunning and mischievous. Though he may not seem to like Fluttershy, he actually pushes her into doing stuff he knows she wants to really do. Fluttershy seems to have some trouble telling him to listen sometimes though.


He lives with Fluttershy in a cottage just outside of Ponyville.

Episode Appearances

Angel first appears when Fluttershy was trying to get the Grand Galloping Gala tickets from Twilight Sparkle. Fluttershy was cleaning around Twilight Sparkle's house and Angel was making a salad for her. When Twilight Sparkle asked if she was doing this for the tickets Fluttershy had a hard time telling the truth, but Angel gave her a stern stare and she told the truth. This shows Angel's assertiveness.

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