Species Earth Pony
Type Minor Character
Eyes Chartreuse green
Mane Orange amber
Coat Amber yellow
Cutie Mark Red apple
Special Trait N/A
Voice Actor(s) Andrew Francis (English)
Paolo de Santis (Italian)
Przemysław Stippa (Polish)
Juan Antonio Soler (European Spanish)
Benjamín Rivera (Latin American Spanish)

Braeburn is a brave pony and has appeared in Over a Barrel and Apple Family Reunion so far, he is also Applejack's cousin. In this episode, he greets the main cast very enthudiasticly, and doesn't listen to what Applejack has to say. But when he does hear the problem he tells them all about the conflict between the Appleloosa and the buffalo.

He tries to compromise with Little Strongheart, but Applejack being stubborn ruins this, so they can't make an agreement. Later that day, a battle goes on between the Appleloosan's and the buffalo, but he does not participant.



Braeburn is a yellow pony who like Apple Jack wears a hat.


Braeburn is very enthusiastic, which can be seen in the beginning of the episode Over a Barrel when Applejack tries to tell him about the heist that happened, and he just rambles on and on about Appleloosa. He is also stubborn like his cousin Applejack too. But at one part he can be seen trying to negotiate with Little Strongheart but Applejack ruins it.

Cutie Mark

It wasn't told how he got his cutie mark, but it probably has something to do with working with the apple acre in Appleloosa. Also, his cutie mark is just like Applejack's too, but with two less apples.



Episode Appearances

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