Species Earth Pony
Type Recurring Character
Eyes Pale Green
Mane Pink with a light-pink streak
Coat Mulberry
Cutie Mark Three smiling daisies
Special Trait Devotion to her students' development.
Voice Actor(s) Nicole Oliver (English)
Sabine Jäger (German)
Bożena Furczyk (Polish)
Angela Couto (Brazilian Portuguese)
Rosalba Sotelo (Latin American Spanish)
Jennie Jahns (Swedish, S1E12)
Anneli Heed (Swedish, S1E18)

Cheerilee is Ponyville's only known schoolmare. She is a background pony for most of her appearances and plays a minor character in the episodes Call of the Cutie and The Show Stoppers. In Call of the Cutie she instructs her students on the meaning and acquisition of one's cutie mark. In The Show Stoppers she announces a school talent show. She encourages the Cutie Mark Crusaders to participate in hopes they will find their special talent enabling them finally to earn their cutie marks.


Cheerilee has a coat of mulberry with a mane of cotton candy and pig pink, pig pink being the center streak. Her eyes are green.

Young Cheerilee.png

In Call of the Cutie she shows her class a picture of herself as a filly not much older than her students shortly after she gained her cutie mark. She is wearing attire inspired by 80s fashion and has braces.

Cutie Mark

Her cutie mark is three smiling daisies. She explains they symbolize her desire to be a teacher and help her students bloom.

Episode Appearances

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