Species Pegasus
Type Main Character
Eyes Moderate cyan
Mane Pale, light grayish rose
Coat Pale, light grayish gold
Cutie Mark Three pink butterflies
Special Trait Can communicate with wildlife
Voice Actor(s) Andrea Libman (English)
Katrine Iven Strømsted (Danish)
Melise de Winter (Dutch)
Susa Saukko (Finnish)
Elisabeth Huinand (European French)
Julia Stoepel (German)
Zselyke Szabo (Hungarian)
Benedetta Ponticelli (Italian)
Emiri Katō (Japanese)
Benedikte Kruse (Norwegian)
Joanna Pach (Polish)
Priscila Ferreira (Brazilian Portuguese)
Carmen Ambrós (European Spanish)
Maggie Vera (Latin American Spanish)
Lizette Pålsson (Swedish)


Vânia Canto (Brazilian Portuguese)
Vera Calacoci (Italian, Find A Pet Song)

Fluttershy is one of the six main ponies in the cast, and one of two Pegasus. She is generally the most reserved and kind, traits which are appreciated by the wildlife she tends to. Rarely raising her voice, her opinions and warnings tend to go unnoticed.



Fluttershy as a Filly

Fluttershy has three pink butterflies as her cutie mark. Her coat is yellow with a pink mane and tail, along with her wings. Her eyes are strong cyan, and also a lot different than most of the ponies eyes, her eyes make her look very shy and innocent.

When she was a filly, she had a tall and gangly build with a short shy eye like styled mane along with smaller wings.

Cutie Mark

She obtained her Cutie Mark after Rainbow Dash stood up for her by entering a race. As the race began, she fell out of the sky. Just when she was about to plunge into the earth, butterflies catch her and help her down. A few seconds after that, a rainbow explosion scared the the surrounding wildlife. She then helps and calms the flustered animals, and as a result, her Cutie Mark appears.


Fluttershy loves all kinds of wildlife, except for full-grown episodes. She is also more open towards animals than she is to ponies. Her ability to handle all types of animals is unique, because unlike every other Pegasus pony, she is not involved with the weather manipulation of Ponyville. Futtershy is extremely quiet, soft-spoken and really never raises her voice; her idea of shouting is a soft, high-pitched squeak. She is also non-violent, but when she is mad enough she will kick something, but it's just a light tap. Whenever she voices her opinion, she frequently apologizing after. Because she is very non-confrontational. Her fear of dragons was revealed in the episode Dragonshy, she could barely function out of this fear.

Though, once she saw her closet friends being harmed by the dragon. She overcame her fear and used her abilities to scold the dragon, it was ten times her size too. She scolded it like a mother telling her children that he has done something wrong. Well, Fluttershy's scolding worked, and it worked 100%. The dragon busted out into tears. She overcomes her fear in Elements of Harmony (episode) too. She stands up to a Manticore, but she realizes he was just in pain and helped it out, she also stands up to a Cockatrice in the episode Stare Master and told it to do as she said even when she was being turned into stone. She is normally very quiet and calm, but she does have some loud outbursts, which is rare for her.

For example, in the episode Sonic Rainboom (episode) when Rainbow Dash finally performs the Sonic Rainboom she cheers "A Sonic Rainboom! She did it! She did it! Woooo!" very loudly while jumping up and down. In the episode Stare Master, she was forced to raise her voice twice, once to get the Cutie Mark Crusaders' attention, and another time to scold the Cockatrice. In the episode The Best Night Ever, when the animals in Canterlot's garden were running away from her and wouldn't listen to her, her rage slowly built up until her patience was pushed to the limit, and she then became psycho. This only happens to her when she is over excited or has a lot of stress. In Stare Master, she was forced to raise her voice twice to gain the Cutie Mark Crusaders' attention. Additionally, in The Best Night Ever when her patience is pushed by Canterlot's garden animals, her frustration steadily builds into rage bordering on psychosis. This can be considered extremely "out of character" for her and only happens in situations of excessive excitement or emotional stress.


One of Fluttershy's signature skills is "the stare." She uses this to tame obstinate animals, a dragon, and a Cockatrice in the episode Stare Master. Some of the ponies joke about using the stare on the Cutie Mark Crusaders during a sleepover at Fluttershy's house. Fluttershy eventually gets the young ponies to listen to her after she saves them from the Cockatrice. She also takes care of Rarity's cat, Opalescence. Opalescence is otherwise mean to any other pony, including Rarity, except for Fluttershy.

Fluttershy also excels at taking care of sick animals, such as a mouse and a hummingbird. When she tries to take care of Philomena, Princess Celestia's phoenix, she learns that she isn't always skilled enough to take care of anything. She is extremely upset when Philomena bursts into flames, though she is relieved to find out that Philomena is a phoenix, and they become friends.


Fluttershy resides in a cottage just outside of Ponyville, it looks like a tree and is covered in nature related things. Animals are always seen around and are found living in the cottage with her.

Episode Appearances

Fluttershy appears in every episode so far in both seasons except "Look Before You Sleep", "The Show Stoppers", "Sisterhooves Social", "Family Appreciation Day", and "Hearts & Hooves Day". She only makes a cameo in "Boast Busters" and "A Friend in Deed".

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