Species Hydra
Type Wild Animal
Eyes Black and green
Coat Orange
Special Trait N/A

The Hydra lives in Froggy Bottom Bog, which is seen in the episode Feeling Pinkie Keen. It is covered in gas when it rises from the bog. Before the Hydra chased the ponies, it roared and licked its lips in hunger. Each of the heads have a different personality, which is hard when they are trying to synchronized their actions.

In classical mythology, the hydra only was a serpent who is poisonous and could grow two more heads if you cut it's head off. Also, the hydra from My Little Pony resembles the King Ghidorah from Godzilla.


The Hydra is orange, has a dragon-like body, with four heads and a snake-like neck, and has two legs and no wings.


Resides in Froggy Bottom Bog.

Episode Appearances

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