Iron Will

Iron Will
Iron Will.png
Species Minotaur
Type Minor Character
Voice Actor Trevor Devall (English)
Zbigniew Konopka (Polish)
Tony Fuochi (Italian)
Ingo Albrecht (German)

Iron Will is the only minotaur to appear on the show as of the conclusion of season 2. He is a self-help motivational speaker hosting seminars across Equestria with a cadre of goat assistants, his specialty being inspiring confidence in the overly meek. Iron Will always refers to himself in the third-person, and much of what he says comes in the form of a rhyming phrase that he uses in his seminars. According to him, nopony is obligated to to pay for a seminar if they aren't satisfied with what they learn. Fluttershy is the first pony never to be satisfied, and never to pay.



Iron Will is a massive creature that easily overshadows anybody next to him. His torso is a shade of cobalt and his lower body is of a much darker blue; his eyes are yellow and black. Coming from both sides of his head just above the ears are two gray horns pointing skyward. He also has a comically short tie about his neck and an ear-mounted microphone that curves around to his mouth, and a large ring in his nose.


He seems to be a very amiable individual to those with whom he has a casual relationship. When somebody gets on his bad side, he freely exercises upon them the same tips he gives his clients by throwing them out of his way and bellowing his signature catchphrases.


These are some of the sayings that Iron Will teaches his clients to inspire assertiveness:

  • "Don't be shy; look 'em in the eye."
  • "When somepony tries to block, show them that you rock."
  • "Treat me like a pushover and you'll get the once-over."
  • "'Maybes' are for babies."
  • "You laugh at me; I wrath at you."
  • "Never apologize when you can criticize."
  • "You apologize; I penalize."
  • "Cut in line, I'll take what's mine."
  • "You make me lose, I blow my fuse."

Episode Appearances

Season 2:

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