Little Strongheart

Little Strongheart
Species Buffalos
Type Minor Character
Eyes Black
Mane Tan
Coat Brown
Cutie Mark N/A
Special Trait N/A
Voice Actor(s) Erin Mathews (English)
Brygida Turowska (Polish)
Monserrat Mendoza (Latin American Spanish)

Little Strongheart is a young buffalo who appeared in Over a Barrel. She is first shown in the episode jumping onto the train that was carrying Bloomberg to Appleloosa. She ends up detaching the last cart on the train (the one Bloomberg is in) and steals the cart.



Chief Thunderhooves and the buffalo herd are her family.


She has tan hair, and a brown coat. She also wears a headdress.


Despite her actions against Rainbow Dash in the beginning of Over a Barrel, Little Strongheart is actually really kind. She is also more of a reasoner than a fighter. During one part in the episode she is seen being conciliatory towards Braeburn when they first meet about the Appleloosans taking their land.


She lives in the buffalo's village with Chief Thunderhooves and the rest of the buffalo herd.

Episode Appearances

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