Princess Celestia

Princess Celestia
Species Winged Unicorn
Eyes Pink
Mane Cyan/Spring green/Violet/Pink striped (Gravity defying)
Coat Pinkish White
Cutie Mark Sun
Special Trait Benevolent ruler of Equestria
Voice Actor(s) Nicole Oliver (English)
Emilie Claire-Barlow (English, Young)
Silvia Mißbach (German)
Elda Olivieri (Italian)
Kikuko Inoue (Japanese)
Moyuki Sawashiro (Japanese, Young)
Elżbieta Jędrzejewska (Polish)
Denise Reis (Brazilian Portuguese)
Rebeca Patiño (Latin American Spanish)
Jennie Jahns (Swedish)

Princess Celestia is the ruler of Equestria along with her sister Princess Luna.

Primarily the ruler presiding over Equestria during the daytime she also took on her sister's role as ruler of the nighttime as well, after being forced to banish her for a period lasting a thousand years. She is reunited with her sister, differences resolved, and they now watch over Equestria together.

Princess Celestia is Twilight Sparkle's mentor, and has charged her student with learning more about the magic of friendship and reporting on her findings.

Princess Celestia has a pet bird, a phoenix named Philomena.


[edit] Appearance

Her multicolored mane and tail and tail slowly move in the air as if gently buffeted by a draft, even when she stands still. Her horn and wings are also exceptionally large.

[edit] Cutie Mark

Her cutie mark is a sun, because she is able to control the sun and the daytime.

[edit] Personality

In spite of her high position of authority and general goddess-like status, Princess Celestia is friendly and fairly down-to-earth, identifying with her subjects on the same level at times, much to their surprise.

[edit] Residence

She lives and rules in Canterlot where she also hosts the yearly party, the Grand Galloping Gala.

[edit] Episode Appearances

Season 2:

Princess Celestia actually first appeared in the book Twilight Sparkle was reading at the beginning of Mare in the Moon (episode). Though it wasn't told if it was her in the book about the older and younger princess. Princess Celestia is usually seen reading Twilight Sparkle's letters to her at the end of the episodes. She occasionally visits Ponyville though.

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