Princess Luna

Princess Luna
Species Winged Unicorn
Eyes Teal
Mane Carolina blue
Coat Purple
Cutie Mark Crescent Moon
Special Trait Power of Night
Voice Actor(s) Tabitha St. Germain (English)
Jill Böttcher (German, season 1)
Heike Schroetter (German, season 2)
Deborah Morese (Italian)
Yumi Uchiyama (Japanese)
Brygida Turowska (Polish)
Fátima Noya (Brazilian Portuguese)
Christine Byrd (Latin American Spanish, season one)
Irene Jiménez (Latin American Spanish season two)

Princess Luna, who was formerly Nightmare Moon is the younger sister of Princess Celestia and is the antagonist in the first two episodes of the series. She is transformed back to her former self by Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the main ponies with the Elements of Harmony. She then returns to her duty of raising the moon and stars over all of Equestria every night. Also, as Nightmare Moon she seems to be a lot older looking.



Princess Luna is a purple Unicorn Pony with a carolina blue mane, she also has teal colored hoofs that look like shoes.

Cutie Mark

Her cutie mark is a crescent mark, which symbolizes her skills of being able to control the night.


She is soft-spoken and gentle much like Fluttershy, and she regrets her actions in the episodes Mare in the Moon and Elements of Harmony too. When she goes back to Ponyville after she is back to normal, she seems to be sad about what she has done. But the ponies in Ponyville present her with a wreath of flowers, and this makes her happy.


Princes Luna is able to control the moon and the night sky, bringing out the night each night and then moving the night away to make room for the dawn.


She lives in Canterlot with her older sister, Princess Celestia.

Episode Appearances

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