Species Pegasus Pony
Gender Male
Type Minor Character
Eyes Unknown
Mane Black
Coat Gray
Cutie Mark Three footballs
Special Trait Probably football
Voice Actor(s) Unknown - No dialogue

Score is the of the pegasi group first seen antagonizing Rainbow Dash in the episode Sonic Rainboom. Dumb-Bell is their de facto leader and Hoops the dullard second. Score is more of a groupie, tagging along with the other two, laughing at their jokes, but never speaking. This may be part of his personality or he could simply be the most lowbrow of the three. The only pony in this mischievous trio not to appear in The Cutie Mark Chronicles, he must have met them sometime later in life.


[edit] Appearance

Like Hoops, his mane covers his eyes; unlike Hoops, they have never been revealed. His coat is gray and he has a mane of black.

[edit] Personality

One must assume his personality is similar to that of the company he keeps. To date, he has not spoken. The only sound he has made is to join his companions in mocking laughter.

[edit] Cutie Mark

His Cutie Mark is three footballs. It is unknown when or how he got his cutie mark.

[edit] Residence


[edit] Episode Appearances

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