Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon
Species Earth Pony
Type Recurring Character
Eyes Violet
Mane Gray
Coat Gray
Cutie Mark Silver spoon
Special Trait N/A
Voice Actor(s) Shannon Chan-Kent (English)
Anne Helm (German)
Gea Riva (Italian)
Katarzyna Łaska (Polish)

Silver Spoon is a school-age pony (a filly) who first appeared in the episode Call of the Cutie and is a classmate of Apple Bloom.



Silver Spoon is a gray pony, who wears glasses, wears a necklace of the same color and has a ponytail with a pink hair-tie.


Silver Spoon is exactly like Diamond Tiara both having a very snooty and mean personality. Silver Spoon also constantly makes fun of Apple Bloom with Diamond Tiara about her not having her cutie mark yet, by chanting "blank flank." Silver Spoon also seems to be the follower out of the two, with Diamond Tiara being the leader.

Cutie Mark

It was never told how she got her cutie mark.



Episode Appearances

Season 1:

Season 2:

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