Species Unicorn
Type Recurring Character
Eyes Black
Mane Medium aquamarine
Coat Orange
Cutie Mark A frowning pink snail with a purple shell
Special Trait Unknown
Voice Actor(s) Richard Ian Cox (English)
Karlo Hackenberger (German)
Luca Bottale (Italian)
Grzegorz Kwiecień (Polish)
Yu Zhengsheng (Chinese)
Arturo Castaneda (Mexican Spanish)
Maxime Donnay (French)
Akira Ishida (Japanese)

Snails is a recurring minor character and part of a duo consisting of himself and Snips. He is not known for his intellect, and his apparent age is that of a young teenager.

He is seen using magic to light the way in the episode Boast Busters with Snips to explore a cave to find a Ursa Major. This backfired as they found an Ursa Minor and ran away scared. This caused the Ursa Minor to follow them into Ponyville, where Twilight Sparkle saves the day by using her superior magic.

Episode Appearances

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