Sweetie Belle

Sweetie Belle
Species Unicorn
Type Minor Character
Eyes Sap green
Mane Rose and light purple
Coat White
Magic aura Light green
Cutie Mark none
Special Trait Singing
Voice Actor(s) Claire Corlett
Giovanna Winterfeldt (German)
Sabrina Bonfitto (Italian)
Justyna Bojczuk (Polish)
Luciana Baroli (Brazilian Portuguese)
Christine Byrd (Latin American Spanish)
Anneli Heed (Swedish)
Singing Voice Michelle Creber (English)
Vera Calacoci (Italian)
Carolina Ayala (Latin American Spanish)

Sweetie Belle, is a Cutie Mark Crusader and Rarity's sister. she has a great voice that everyone adores. She borrows a lot of things from her sister, and she is always promising to bring it back and return it the way it was. She still hasn't found her talent, but she is still trying. Her best friends are the other members of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom.



Sweetie Belle is a Unicorn pony, who has a white coat with a sweet pink and purple striped mane and tail.

Cutie Mark

She has yet to obtain her cutie mark.


Sweetie Belle is portrayed as a bit slow on several occasions. She often pauses before catching on. In the episode Stare Master when the Cutie Mark Crusaders were at Fluttershy's house, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom pretended to be a monster from the Everfree Forest, and Sweetie Belle stared at them with a blank stare until she realized what they were doing and joined in. In the episode The Show Stoppers she asked her friends a couple of times what was going on. She announces that "no meat left uncooked" as one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders goals, which doesn't really make sense.

Sweetie Belle keeps her space a lot, which contributes to her being the most even-tempered of the Crusaders. Whenever Applebloom and Scootaloo argue, she is the one who ends up being the peacemaker, its always up to her to veto against their ideas too. In Stare Master she had to keep them both on track too while going through the forest too.

Besides her taking longer to realize whats going on, Sweetie Belle is almost always excited to participate in anything. She loves to help out her older sister Rarity, but Rarity always refuses her help. But once Sweetie Belle is allowed to help in the episode Stare Master, she messes up her shop. In the following episode Sweetie Belle "borrows" some of Rarity's cloth in order to make costumes for the talent show. Sweetie Belle says that she will give it but, which does not happen.


Since Sweetie Belle is a Unicorn, she is born with magical powers, but since she is young, her abilities still haven't developed yet. Sweetie Belle also has a wonderful singing talent, which Scootaloo and Apple Bloom both call awesome in the episode The Show Stoppers, but of course Sweetie Belle is unaware of this. In the previous episode Stare Master when Fluttershy started to sing the Cutie Mark Crusader's a bedtime lullaby, Sweetie Belle interrupted her saying that she knows the song. Her singing skills completely overpowered Fluttershy's and she turned the lullaby into a lively gospel number. Though, only one thing seems to be holding on back when it comes to singing, she seems to have a case of stage fright, and she may overcome did to obtain her cutie mark.

Sweetie Belle can also songwriter very well. She came up with the basic lyrics for their Cutie Mark Crusader theme song, which she can be heard singing to herself in the beginning in the episode The Show Stoppers. When Scootaloo is struggling to come up with lyrics, Sweetie Belle comes up with something different without any trouble.

In the episode Stare Master she made the official Cutie Mark Crusaders capes. But it's normally shown that when she tries to do anything fashion like, she fails.


She lives with her big sister Rarity.

Episode Appearances

Season 1:

Season 2:

Sweetie Belle makes her first appearance huddled next to Apple Bloom and Scootaloo in Mare in the Moon when Nightmare Moon is revived.

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