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I cleared the talk page. I will be updating the page soon enough with additional information on what to do when editing. Stay tuned! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to edit this page! I'll be more than happy to listen/help. --Bread Effect 20:54, 18 October 2011 (PDT)

After looking over the wiki a little bit, certain things need to be addressed very soon to really push forward a better overall feel.

To Do List

1. Re-categorize everything. The problem we have currently with the categorization is that it is categorized for only one series rather than encompassing every series and video game. What needs to be changed mainly is the character categories, the episode, transcripts, and just overall making sure that everything is specific to each series/game.

2. Character pages. These are considered higher traffic pages than anything else throughout the wiki. Keeping those pages completely fleshed out with information is a very smart goal we need to have. Especially main characters such as Twilight Sparkle need to have near or completed pages.

3. Gathering information for the previous games/series'. Now, I fully understand that not that many have seen or played the games before, but without having the links at least ready to be made for those parts of the wiki, we can't further develop the wiki.

4. Catch up on the summary pages. Only a few away from being caught up, but from now on each week will have another episode to add to the list. So catching up before it gets too ridiculous like last time is advised.

5. NavTables everywhere! Once we develop tables that we can put at the bottom of pages to give direction on where to go next, we need to incorporate them asap.