The Wonderbolts
Three of the members of the Wonderbolts.
Species Pegasus
Uniform Light-blue full body suit with gold, thunderbolt-shaped accents on the underside and around the hooves, with the group logo printed on both flanks.
Logo Winged thunderbolt for the males. Female members have the thunderbolt, but without the wings.

The Wonderbolts are a celebrity group of Pegasus ponies who perform aerial stunts and acrobatics. Strongly implied to be among the best fliers in Equestria, the Wonderbolts are Rainbow Dash's idols and it is her dream to meet them and perhaps someday join their group.

Wonderbolts Logo
Wonderbolts logo for the male (left) and female (right) members.

The Wonderbolts have so far never been seen outside of their uniforms, which consist of a light-blue full body suit with gold, thunderbolt-shaped accents, that leaves their mouths, wings, manes and tails exposed. They also wear goggles as protection during flight. The suit also sports the Wonderbolts' logo on the flanks, right over where a pony's cutie mark would be located. The group appears to have two logos: a winged thunderbolt for the males, and a thunderbolt without wings for the females.



The Wonderbolts are first mentioned in episode 1, Mare in the Moon (episode), by Rainbow Dash during her first meeting with Twilight Sparkle. They do not appear in the episode itself, though what appears to be a promotional poster of the Wonderbolts can be seen in a shot of Rainbow Dash's room.

Wonderbolts poster
Wonderbolts poster as seen in episode 1.

In the episode The Ticket Master, Rainbow Dash fantasizes about meeting the Wonderbolts at the Grand Galloping Gala and impressing them with her skills. In her fantasy, she is asked to join the Wonderbolts and is later seen flying with the team and wearing the group's uniform, though Rainbow Dash's cutie mark is printed in place of the Wonderbolt's logo.

The Wonderbolt's first in-show appearance is in episode 16, Sonic Rainboom, where some of them are serving as celebrity judges for the Best Young Flyers Competition, in which one of the prizes is to get to hang out with the Wonderbolts. Six Wonderbolts are shown during their entrance flight, but only three—those serving as judges—are seen for most of the episode. They try to save Rarity after her accident during the her performance routine, but are knocked out by Rarity's flailing hooves during the attempt, leaving Rainbow Dash to save all four ponies and in process finally succeed in performing a Sonic Rainboom. A female Wonderbolt later thanks Rainbow Dash on behalf of the team for saving them and at the end of the episode, Rainbow Dash hangs out with two of the members as part of her prize for winning the Best Young Flyers Competition.

The Wonderbolts perform every year at the Grand Galloping Gala in Canterlot, and in the episode The Best Night Ever, they can be seen in the sky during At The Gala musical number. Later, Soarin’, the first Wonderbolt in the series to be mentioned by name, is seen buying an apple pie from Applejack's stand which he later tries to bring into the VIP section of the Gala. When he accidentally drops his pie, Rainbow Dash swoops in with a saving catch, impressing Soarin' and a nearby female Wonderbolt, who immediately recognizes Rainbow Dash as the pony who saved her during the Best Young Flyers Competition. She introduces herself as Spitfire and invites Rainbow Dash to hang out with the Wonderbolts.


The series does not mention how many Wonderbolts there are in total. They usually appear performing in teams of three or six, but in The Best Night Ever, as many as ten different Wonderbolts can be seen in the episode, most of them appearing in background scenes.

Only two of the Wonderbolts have been named so far in season one. They are:



Spitfire is a yellow pegasus mare with two-toned, fiery-looking, orange and yellow mane and tail. She is one of the three Wonderbolts who were saved by Rainbow Dash after they had been knocked unconscious during the episode Sonic Rainboom.



Soarin' is a light-blue pegasus stallion, with a mane and tail in a darker blue color. He is also one of the three Wonderbolts who Rainbow Dash saved. Soarin' also appears to love pies, as shown in The Best Night Ever.

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