Rainbow Dash

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Rainbow Dash
Species Pegasus
Type Main Character
Coloring Light blue coat with rainbow colored mane and tail
Cutie Mark A cloud with a striking rainbow thunderbolt
Special Trait Her flight abilities outmatch many other Pegasus'

Rainbow Dash is one of the main characters in the series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is a Pegasus that loves to be fly and be fast. Rainbow Dash is responsible for clearing the skies of clouds in Ponyville. Twilight Sparkle tells her that she cannot possibly clear the sky in enough time to make The Wonderbolts want her on their team to perform for the Summer Sun Celebration. She mentions that she can clear the skies "10 seconds flat" and does just that. She is often shown bragging about her abilities and shows off a lot of the time. Despite that she brags a lot, she is very loyal to her friends which causes her to possess the Element of Loyalty Of the main six ponies, she was the first to earn her Cutie Mark and indirectly helped all of her friends get their Cutie Marks before she knew them. She talks about the Wonderbolts frequently throughout the show, expressing that it is her dream to be apart of the Wonderbolts.



Rainbow Dash as a Filly

Rainbow Dash is one of the most colorful ponies in the show. Her hair consists of six different colors; purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red (like a rainbow). Her mane is a light blue shade and she has strong rose colored eyes.

As a Filly she doesn't really change. Except, of course her wings are smaller and her hair is a bit different.

Cutie Mark

Her cutie mark is a cloud with a rainbow thunderbolt striking out of it. She got this cutie mark while she was in a race. When she was younger, she went to Cloudsdale with Fluttershy. At the time Fluttershy was getting picked on by 2 Pegasus because of her poor flying skills when Rainbow Dash came in and challenged them to a race. When the race started she was in the lead, and that was the first time she had flown that fast before. As the race went on, Rainbow Dash fell behind one of the bullies and instead of giving up, she pressed onward so fast that she ended up creating her first Sonic Rainboom. After she had realized what she had done, her cutie mark appeared as a result of being fast and winning the race.


She is often portrayed as conceited and brags about her accomplishments. She is a very competitive person, shown in Fall Weather Friends, where Applejack and Rainbow Dash create an Iron Pony Competition to see who is the most athletic. However, even though she brags, she is the most loyal pony out of all of her friends. In the pilot episode 2, Elements of Harmony, she is given the Loyalty Element when she turns down the opportunity to join the Shadowbolts for her friends instead.

Every single one of her friends (that she didn't know at the time) didn't have their cutie mark until after the first Sonic Rainboom happened. The Sonic Rainboom was the reason why every pony got their Cutie Mark. It caused every friend to get there cutie mark nearly right after hers. (Fluttershy's taking care of animals, Rarity's love for gems and fashion, Twilight Sparkle's talented magic spells, Applejack's love for Sweet Apple Acres, and Pinkie Pie's constant need to be happy and throw parties)


Rainbow Dash resides in the sky over Ponyville, which she works in to keep clear of clouds. As she has control over the clouds, she is able to use them for anything she wants. She can make them evaporate or rain, and she can use them to lounge around on for whenever she is talking to a local resident or passer-by.

Episode Appearances

Rainbow Dash first appears in Mare in the Moon accidentally flying into Twilight Sparkle. She appears in every episode except Look Before You Sleep, Feeling Pinkie Keen, and Stare Master. She also only has background appearances in episodes eighteen, Show Stoppers and twenty Green Isn't Your Color.

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