Appleloosa as seen from the train station platform.

Appleloosa is a small town with a western motif and was the setting for episode 21, Over a Barrel. According to Applejack's resident cousin Braeburn it was constructed by a group of "settler ponies." Careful inspection of the ponies in the background reveals many of them are residents of Ponyville. Ponyville residents have also been spotted in other episodes giving life to distant locations.

Appleloosa was constructed over the course of a year leading up to episode 21 and is very well established given its short history. Noteworthy places in Appleloosa include the sheriff's office, The Salt Block - the town's saloon; the city square where the residents dance, and the town's only food supply: their apple orchard. This orchard and a particular tree are a point of conflict in Over a Barrel.

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