Aunt Orange

Personality and home

Aunt Orange is the posh aunt of Applejack she is extremely sophisticated and lives in the cosmopolitan city of Manehatten with her husband Uncle Orange.


As a young filly, Applejack went to the city, looking for an escape from Sweet Apple Acres, she didn't want to work on a "dirty Apple Farm" for the rest of her life and left Ponyville to try and become more posh and find who she truly is. Aunt Orange tries and almost succeeds in making her niece more of a "Manehattenite" but it's not where her heart truly lies. All that going to Manehatten earnt her was homesickness and whilst looking out of the reason, remembering the taste of apples, she notices a rainbow pointing toward her old home (later revealed to be Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom and runs back home to her family, discovered in the episode Cutie Mark Chronicles. It isn't stated how Aunt Orange reacts to this, but she clearly doesn't stop Applejack returning home.


Overall, Aunt Orange is a pretty mare. Her coat is a pale off-orange colour, her mane is a yellow-ish orange colour, held up in a fancy updo, whilst her tail curls down and flicks at the tip and her eyes are bright blue and she has quite a few eyelashes. Her Cutie Mark is three slices of orange all facing each other. She wears a fancy gold necklace with orange and green gemstones attached to it and wears eyeshadow slightly darker than her coat colour. She has a large orange beauty spot under her left eye, possibly drawn on.

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