Boast Busters

Boast Busters
Season No. 1
Episode No. 6
Date November 19, 2010
Written by Chris Savino
Theme Arrogance
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Boast Busters is the sixth episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It was originally aired on television channel named The Hub on November 19th, 2010. It is about Trixie being a show off and Twilight Sparkle being afraid that her talent is bad.



At the start of the episode we find Twilight Sparkle has learned a new magic spell, Growing Magic. It's revealed that she now has 25 magic skills in her repertoire.

As Spike and Twilight Sparkle are walking and discussing magical talents, Snips and Snails come barreling through with news of the arrival of new Unicorn that allegedly has more power than the others. This pony in question is The Great and Powerful Trixie. Spike finds this unlikely, and Twilight Sparkle appears disconcerted by the thought. They both go along to investigate.

The Great and Powerful Trixie

Trixie appears wearing a magician-type outfit and proceeds to boast about her magical ability, and challenges anypony to a battle of talents. At first Spike wants Twilight Sparkle to show her up, but after Twilight hears her friends complaining about show-offs and how they're not better than anyone else, she worries her friends will hate her for 'showing off' her magical ability. Spike makes several other attempts to get Twilight to beat Trixie in a magic showdown and each time she refuses to take part, going so far as to use one of her other magical skills. Zippermouth to silence him.

Rainbow Dash is the first to directly question Trixie's alleged skill, whereupon she states that she alone defeated an Ursa Major that threatened Hoofington. This awes the crowd, but leaves Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, and Spike unconvinced. Trixie notices that there are some unbelievers in the crowd, and challenges them separately to a game of skill.

Applejack is the first to be challenged, and uses her rodeo lassoing skills to good effect, culminating in her lassoing an apple with the rope and sending it directly to her mouth, and she eats it. Trixie's counter is her Rope Charmer magic, using the same rope to tie up Applejack and stick an apple in her mouth like a roast pig, much to the amusement of the crowd in general.

Rainbow Dash challenges Trixie next, using her superior aerial acrobatics punch holes through clouds and cause raindrops to follow her back down, spinning on a windmill and culminating in her stopping on stage while the rain hits her, producing a miniature rainbow that arcs over her head. Trixie's counter is to use that same rainbow to cause Rainbow Dash to spin around through the air like a multicolored tornado, ending with her dizzy and upside-down on the ground. Trixie also produces thundershock magic to shock Rainbow Dash from behind.

Rarity at first resists the impulse to challenge Trixie, claiming such behavior is beneath her. Once Trixie insults her fashion sense, she takes it personally and uses her fashion sense and magic to produce a dress made from a curtain, and a formal hairstyle to match it. Trixie counters with Turn to Grass magic, which turns Rarity's hair into a green, grass-like rats nest with twigs and earthworms sticking out of it. Rarity gallops away, ashamed of her appearance (and incidentally insult a green haired pony).

Spike once again tries to get Twilight Sparkle to challenge Trixie, but she leaves for fear of causing her friends to hate her by 'showing off' her magical ability.

Later we see Snips and Snails acting in servant-like capacities to Trixie, who behaves like a spoiled celebrity. Spike is irritated by this behavior and asks if they actually saw her perform the amazing feat of defeating an Ursa Major. This results in the idiotic duo Snips and Snails tracking down a beast and bringing it into Ponyville for Trixie to defeat.

The Ursa

Trixie ends up revealing that she cannot, in fact, defeat the monster. She never actually battled an Ursa Major. In the end, Twilight Sparkle is forced to step up and in a display of superior magical talent, use Lullaby magic on the beast to put it to sleep, followed by using Telekinesis to give it a giant bottle filled with cows milk, and floating the house-sized beast back to the cave it came from. After the beast is removed, she worries that her display of magical ability might have caused her friends to hate her. They explain that it wasn't the ability that annoyed them, but rather the boastful manner Trixie exhibited that was the source of their irritation.


Twilight Sparkle also reveals that the creature she sent away wasn't actually an Ursa Major. but rather its baby, an Ursa Minor. A short cut reveals the much larger Ursa Major rocking the Ursa Minor as it sleeps. After mentioning this, Trixie "vanishes" in a cloud of smoke, running away from Ponyville

Letter To Princess Celestia

At the end of the episode, Twilight Sparkle writes a note to Princess Celestia regarding the lesson she learned that day, which is as follows:

Dear Princess Celestia,

I have learned a very valuable lesson about friendship.  I was so afraid of being thought of as a showoff that I was hiding a part of who I am.  My friends helped me realize that it's okay to be proud of your talents, and there are times when it's appropriate to show them off.  Especially when you're standing up for your friends.

Episode Transcript

You can view the episode transcript here.

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