Chief Thunderhooves

Chief Thunderhooves
Species Buffalos
Type Minor Character
Eyes Black
Coat Ash Brown
Special Trait Leader
Voice Actor(s) Scott McNeil (English)
Axel Lutter (German)
Pietro Ubaldi (Italian)

Chief Thunderhooves is the leader of the herd of buffalo in the episode Over a Barrel.



Little Strongheart and the buffalo herd are basically his family.


Chief Thunderhoove's coat is Ash Brown, and he has two black horns on his head. He also wears a special kind of Indian Headdress on his head which most likely symbolizes him being very brave and powerful. You can tell that he is powerful by his size too. Judging by some of his facial expressions, he also looks very bold and fierce.


Chief Thunderhooves seems to be long-winded, which can be judging by how many fathers stampeded upon the land, he is also very traditional. He is also a very determined, strong and has a really fierce sense of honor. He has a mighty temper, and he can be seen losing control over his temper a several times. He warned the Appleloosans of his plans before he led his tribe to fight them, but he was at least willing to negotiate.


He lives in the buffalo's village with Little Strongheart and the rest of the buffalo herd.

Episode Appearances

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