Species Draconequus
Type Minor Character
Eyes Brilliant crimson with Light brilliant yellow
Mane Dark coat
Coat Amber yellowish gray head, dark reddish brown body, and Moderate red tail
Voice Actor(s) John de Lancie (English)
Marcelo Pissardini (Brazilian Portuguese)
Grzegorz Pawlak (Polish)
Mario Zucca (Italian)
Michael Pan (German)
Enrique Cervantes (Mexican Spanish)
Michel Hinderickx (French)
Juan Masotkleiner (Euro. Spanish)
Nikita Prozorovsky (Russian)
Yu Zhengsheng (Chinese)
Kornel Pusztaszeri (Hungarian)

Discord is a draconequus who was the former ruler of Equestria, he is the main antagonist of The Return of Harmony (part 1) and Part 2. Discord escapes from his stone prison and Twilight Sparkle and company have to obtain the Elements of Harmony and stop him before he spreads chaos across Equestria.



According to Cheerilee in the beginning of the The Return of Harmony (part 1) she says that the statue (which is Discord) is a draconequus, which has the head of a pony and the body of all sorts of other things.

Discord has a horse-like head with a right deer antler, a left goat horn, a fang and a beard. He also has a lion right arm, with an eagle's talon for a left arm, a lizard right leg, a goat left leg, a bat right wing, a Pegasus left wing, a snake tail and tongue and different sized pupils.


Discord is mischievous and is a manipulative trickster who uses his powerful magic and illusions to alter reality and control others. In Return of Harmony part 1 and 2, he seeks revenge on Princess Celestia and her younger sister Princess Luna for imprisoning him in stone for thousands of years. He steals the Elements of Harmony and causes disorder and chaos all across Equestria.

He also has a sense of showmanship and drama, and likes to be playful with his victims, which can be shown when he tricks the main ponies many times. He even mocks and banters with Princess Celestia and the main poinies in Canterlot Tower. He gets delight at the chaos and confusion of others, and believes that the laws of reality are beneath him. When he tries to corrupt Fluttershy, it is shown that he has a lack of patience too, because he couldn't corrupt her as easily,so he had to manually corrupt her.

Discord likes to cause others to act like total opposites too, which he does to the main six in The Return of Harmony (part 1). After he broke Twilight Sparkle's spirit, he believed that he had won, and that he would be unstoppable. Because she was the key to defeating him. His playful side then shows, as he tries to act friendly to her and he encourages her to get in the spirit of the now chaotic Ponyville, and to watch his tricks. He even eats the chocolate rain cloud that was over top of her.

Discord also underestimated the ponies' ability to actually restore their friendship and wield the Elements of Harmony to defeat him. When they confront him the final time, he has a "high-horse" kind of attitude and still believes that their friendship is broken, so he just sits idly by while they use the power of the Elements to turn him back to stone.


Using magic to create chaos and illusions.


He doesn't really live anywhere, but he was a statue for thousands of years in a statue garden.

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