Date November 26th, 2010
Theme Overcoming fear
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Dragonshy is the seventh episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It was originally aired on television channel named The Hub on November 26th, 2011. This episode is about a dragon attempting to sleep and cover Equestria in a smoke for years. This is mainly about Fluttershy and attempting to get over her fear of dragons.


At the start of the episode, you see Fluttershy talking to all of her animal friends and is feeding them. Fluttershy goes over to her pet, Angel, and hands her a carrot to eat. Once she grabs the carrot, she eats nearly half of it in a few seconds. Fluttershy responds by saying she is eating too fast. When Angel hears this, she puts down her carrot and runs off. Though Fluttershy didn’t want her to eat fast, she wanted Angel to at least finish her food. Fluttershy catches up to Angel and Angel still refused to eat the rest of the carrot. While turning her back to Fluttershy, she notices a dark cloud lingering towards Ponyville. Trying to get Fluttershy’s attention, she coughs faintly. Fluttershy assumes Angel has a carrot lodged in her throat and ignores her pointing upward. After a number of tries, Angel gets Fluttershy to look up and notice the smoke.

In Ponyville, everyone is having a great time outside, talking to friends, playing sports, an overall happy setting. Fluttershy comes in as her usual self, very quiet and timid, and tries to get everyone’s attention that there is a smoke cloud coming in. However, due to her being so quiet and being interrupted by people, she is unable to inform them that a cloud is approaching Ponyville. At this time, Twilight Sparkle comes in and quickly gathers every pony’s attention. She alerts the ponies that the smoke above them is not from a fire, but a Dragon snoring out smoke. Princess Celestia informed Twilight that the dragon has picked the top of the mountain a little distance away from Ponyville to sleep and if they can’t get him to pick another spot, Ponyville will be covered in smoke for 100 years. Once Fluttershy hears that the smoke is from a dragon, she became extremely frightened of the fact that there is a giant dragon. Then Twilight mentions that some pony needs to go up and get the dragon to move. This causes the main cast (aside from Fluttershy due to her being scared) to begin taking action by suiting up for the trip.

After everyone grabbed their materials, they met up to talk about their strategy to get the Dragon to move from his spot. Twilight Sparkle after giving a tiny speech starts looking for the best possible route for them to take to ascend up to the top of the mountain. While Twilight is distracted, Fluttershy decided it would be a good idea to ask if she didn’t go. Not paying attention to what Fluttershy was saying, Twilight agreed to her that she should stay back. As Fluttershy is thanking her, Twilight realizes what she answered to and stopped Fluttershy from leaving. Informing her that she is a valuable asset in this dilemma because her superb ability of talking to other animals.

Fluttershy very scared.

When they start up the mountain, Rarity mentions that Dragon’s usually have a considerably large collection of gem stones. Rarity wants to take his gems for her clothing designs back in Ponyville. Jokingly, Pinkie Pie starts narrating how the conversation would go with Rarity and the dragon. After they laughed, Twilight Sparkle begins wondering how one would ask a dragon to leave and be successful. She starts asking Fluttershy but they realize Fluttershy is sitting at the bottom of the mountain hiding behind a bush. She is scared because of how steep the mountain is. Her friends remind her that she has wings and should use them. As she is attempting to fly, the dragon lets out a very loud snore that frightened Fluttershy enough to have her wings lock up. This causes Applejack to go back down to the bottom and help Fluttershy up the mountain. Telling everyone to just move one without them and they will meet up later.

After a considerably long amount of time to help Fluttershy up to be able to walk on her own, they once more begin to try and make their way up the mountain. There next issue with Fluttershy is when they have to leap across a very tiny gap (that has a very long fall). Everyone successfully does it except for Fluttershy. Trying to hop over, she almost falls but manages to catch herself on the edge of the cliffs. This causes Rainbow Dash to help push her over to the other cliff. The next scene shows them carefully attempting to not make any noise as they are in an avalanche zone. Twilight Sparkle telling them this almost causes Fluttershy to scream ‘Avalanche’. Stopping her before she screams, they continue to move on. As they are moving up, Rainbow Dash brushes a tree, causing a few leaves to fall off. As Fluttershy walk’s underneath the tree and has a leave land on her flank. Immediately Fluttershy screams ‘Avalanche’ but before she could finish saying avalanche, Applejack stops her. They nervously wait for the possible avalanche to happen. At first there are no immediate signs of an avalanche. But surely enough it does end up happening.

They eventually make it up to the top of the mountain to confront the Dragon. Twilight gives out her orders for everyone. In the original plan, Rainbow Dash is to clear the smoke away, Rarity and Pinkie Pie are to both be there to distract the dragon is things get difficult, Applejack is to have her apples ready to be kicked at if the dragon becomes violent, and Fluttershy is to tell the dragon to find another place to sleep. Almost going in by herself, Twilight stops to realize that Fluttershy is still outside trying to hide from everyone. After they find out she is scared once more, Rainbow Dash starts becoming a bit frustrated with Fluttershy. She is afraid of the fact that it is a huge, monstrous looking, fire breathing dragon. She is too frightened of the dragon to even attempt walking into the cave, causing everyone to try talking to the dragon by themselves.

The dragon.

Everyone tries their own tactic to get the dragon to leave. Twilight Sparkle tries to inform that Equestria can’t live one hundred years in smoke, but ends up failing as he goes right back to sleep. Rarity comes in explaining to the dragon that his beautiful scales should not be hidden away for one hundred years and should be flying around everywhere showing them off. It almost worked, but Rarity ended up slipping and telling him that she would watch over his gems while he flies and causes him to get angry. Pinkie Pie attempts humor by dressing up in a ridiculous looking costume and attempting to make him laugh. Before she could even say anything, the dragon pops her balloons and breaks what other props she was going to use. At this time, Rainbow Dash gets too frustrated to talk, going into the cave and kicks the dragon. He merely gets even angrier at them and blows her out of the cave. Enraged, he comes out of the cave screaming. Finally, after seeing her friends get hurt, Fluttershy gets enough courage to yell at the dragon. She overpowers the dragon with words, immediately causing him to back down from his rage. Eventually he tries to make an excuse that Rainbow Dash kicked him, but Fluttershy talks him down and has him leave the cave.

The letter to Princess Celestia at the end of the episode reads:

Dear Princess Celestia...

I am happy to report that the dragon has departed our fair country, and that it was my good friend, Fluttershy, who convinced him to go. This adventure has taught me to never lose faith in your friends. They can be an amazing source of strength, and can help you overcome even your greatest fears.
Always your faithful student,

Twilight Sparkle

Episode Transcript

You can see the episode transcript here.

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