Species Pegasus Pony
Gender Male
Type Minor Character
Eyes Blue
Mane Cream
Coat Dark Brown
Cutie Mark Dumbbell
Special Trait Presumably weight lifting
Voice Actor(s) Samuel Vincent
Richard Ian Cox (when grown)
Brian Drummond (as a colt)

Dumb-Bell is a pagasus pony often found in the company of his friends Hoops and Score and is somewhat of a leader to them. His debut was in Sonic Rainboom and he made another appearance in The Cutie Mark Chronicles where he and Hoops were revealed to be two of Rainbow Dash's former schoolmates. Challenging her to a competition one day resulted in Rainbow Dash earning her Cutie Mark and performing the first known sonic rainboom, though he didn't witness the event - Dumb-Bell became stuck in a cloud shortly after the competition began. This would explain his disbelief at the Best Young Flyers Competition when his friend Hoops mockingly mentions it as they resume their childhood derision.



He has a coat of brown, a cream mane, and blue eyes, and is shorter than his friend Hoops but slightly taller than Score.


A very brash stallion, Dumb-Bell's personality clashes well with Rainbow's. Whereas Rainbow is braggadocious, Dumb-Bell loves to insult and criticize. He often comes up with belittling nicknames such as Rainbow Crash and Klutzershy.

Cutie Mark

In his first appearance his cutie mark, a dumbbell, was already present. Following the convention that one's cutie mark is a reflection of his "special talent," we can surmise his talent is weight-lifting or general athleticism. In his youngest appearance - occurring during a flashback to his and Rainbow's school days - his cutie mark had not yet appeared.



Episode Appearances

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