Elements of Harmony

Elements of Harmony
Date October 22nd, 2010
Theme Dark/Light Contrast
Previous Episode Mare in the Moon
Next Episode The Ticket Master

All of the ponies are gathered together for the Summer Sun Celebration! However, Nightmare Moon, also known as the Mare in the Moon has returned and hidden Princess Celestia. Everybody quickly becomes frightened as Nightmare Moon transforms into dark smoke and flees the building.

Rainbow Dash, being the valiant Pegasus that she is, chases after Nightmare Moon, wondering exactly what is going on. However, she gets no response from the dark smoke, much to her dismay. She does see Twilight Sparkle leave Rarity's house with Spike however, and she follows them, wondering exactly what is going on.

Back at Twilight's house, the entire pony group comes and interrogates Twilight, who gives them the entire story about the fateful legend that foretold the events that had occurred. Pinkie Pie finds a book about the Elements of Harmony, and they learn about all six of the elements (unknown, kindness, laughter, generosity, honesty and loyalty), and where they can be found.

Together, they travel to the Everfree Forest, where the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters is said to rest. Pinkie Pie is anxious to continue, but Twilight tells her that she will be going alone, and does not need assistance. This is where Applejack tells Twilight that they will all be behind her, no matter what, for friends are friends.

None of the ponies have ever been in the forest before, mainly (as Rarity states) because it is dreadful. Rainbow tells the group a scary story, and she screams, which causes an avalanche, where all of the ponies except Fluttershy and herself (the two Pegasus) are thrown down into an abyss. Rainbow Dash makes a dash for the group, while Fluttershy hesitantly sits back. Applejack does however save Twilight by dropping her off a cliff and letting the Pegasus group catch her.

Nightmare Moon uses the dark mist and creates a large beast known as a Manticore, who they defeat using Fluttershy's animal taming skills. They continue through the forest, and they meet up with scary trees that were also created through the mist, and Pinkie Pie helps the group get over their fears, including Twilight. Next, Rarity helps a large Sea Dragon who has had his moustache torn off by the dark mist.

Next, a bridge passing between two cliffs is destroyed, and Rainbow flies over to fix it. Over there, she meets the Shadowbolts, a dark aerial group created by the mist trying to recruit her onto their side. In the end, she saves Twilight and the rest of the group by tying the bridge back to the post, which allows them to cross, much to the dismay of Nightmare Moon.

Throughout this episode, Twilight learns that she does have friends, for each one of them states that they are only there to help their friend. Whenever they say this, she always puts a grin on her face and continues throughout the forest.

The group eventually arrives at the Castle, where Twilight tries to summon the sixth Element of Harmony. However, Nightmare Moon comes in and steals the other five before this is possible. She does eventually get a spark out of them, but is dismayed when Nightmare Moon breaks the Elements before anything happens.

Twilight does however learn that there are spirits of the Elements, which are the ponies she has been traveling with. Applejack is Honesty, Fluttershy is Kindness, Pinkie Pie is Laughter, Rarity is Generosity, and Rainbow Dash is Loyalty. Next, Twilight learns that she is the Element of Magic, and defeats Nightmare Moon, which frees Princess Celestia, and brings sunlight back to Equestria.

Nightmare Moon returns to her original form of Princess Luna, and lives with her sister, Celestia, in order to manage the Moon and Sun cycle. Princess Celestia orders Twilight Sparkle to stay in Ponyville with her friends, and study the magic of friendship.

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