Equestria Girls

Equestria Girls
Character(s) Pinkie Pie
Length 1:31

This song is a parody of Katy Perry's song "California girls" which Pinkie Pie sings, and it appeared on the network "The Hub" on May 24th, 2011. The first version that was released on the Hubworld website only lasted 30 seconds, which only contained the chorus. But on May 27th Sethisto from Equestria Daily received an email with regards to make an extrended version from the fan community of The Hub. The song has references such as "Bronies" and "DJ-Pon-3", bronies being the older male fans of the show, and DJ-Pon-3 (or Vinyl Scratch) being the DJ pony who only appeared in the episode Suited for Success. The fans also made a name up for the DJ pony because it's name was never mentioned. The full version appeared on the Hubworld site, and then aired on TV on Saturday May 28th.


(Pinkie Pie):

Ooooh, this is my jam!
There is a place
Where the grass is what's for dinner
(Soups on everypony!)
Charmed, fun, and wild
There must be something in the water (What?)

Sipping rainbow juice
Talking Elements of Harmony
Our Bronies hang out too
(Come on, Bronies!)
'Cause they know we're awesome fillies
(Come on, everypony!) (cheers)

You could travel the world (You could travel the world)
But no one can groove like the girls with the hooves
Once you party with ponies (cheers) (Party with the ponies)
You'll be seeing Rainbooms!
O-oh o-oh o-ooh!


Equestria girls, we're kinda magical (Equestria!)
Boots on hooves, bikinis on top
Furry coats, so cute
We'll blow your mind
Aoaoah oh, aoaoaoh!

Equestria girls, we're pony-fabulous (Equestria!)
Fast, fine, fierce, we trot till we drop
Cutie marks represent (Cutie marks!)
Now put your hooves up (Yeah, put yo' hooves in the air)
Aoaoah oh, aoaoaoh!

[Male Backup/Spike]

Break it down, DJ P0N-3
These are the ponies I love the most
I wish you could all be Equestria girls

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