Fall Weather Friends

Fall Weather Friends
Season No. 1
Episode No. 13
Date January 28th, 211
Written by Amy Keating Rogers
Previous Episode Call of the Cutie
Next Episode Suited For Success

Fall Weather Friends is the 13th episode of My Little Pony. In the beginning it shows Applejack and Rainbow Dash playing a game of horseshoes.


The episode begins with Applejack and Rainbow Dash playing horseshoes having a friendly competition at this end. Rainbow Dash throws an alright horseshoe landing close to the bar. While after commending and taunting her for having a decent throw, Applejack throws one just short of Rainbow Dashes. While making fun of Applejack’s bad throw, Rainbow Dash ends up butchering her next throw and tossing it well past the pole. After a snide remark, Applejack throws her final horseshoe and gets a ringer (Or the horseshoe being around the pole). After a few more taunts, they get this idea to figure out which of the two ponies are the best, most athletic pony in all of Ponyville. Thus, this creates the Iron Pony Competition to see which one is the best at everything.

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Rainbow Dash is seen working out whilst Twilight Sparkle is asking questions as to why she was told to be there. Rainbow Dash mentions that she needs to be there to be the judge for the Iron Pony Competition and keep score for it. In the next scene you hear Spike being the commentator for the event using a twig as his microphone. Twilight is confused as to whom he is speaking to and Spike reveals a very tiny crowd consisting of the other friends and a select few background characters. Upon starting the competition, the first event dealt with weaving back and forth around barrels. Applejack starts first and ends up hitting a barrel, knocking her score down a little bit. When Rainbow Dash does her run, she ends up winning the first event. Applejack makes a remark that Rainbow Dash shouldn’t get cocky and be prepared for a (non-serious) fight.

The competition continues with more people showing up to watch the battle between the two most athletic ponies in Ponyville. Fluttershy at this point is keeping score board up to date. At the half time mark, the two competitors are tied up at five to five. Spike at this point is speaking to a decently large crowd as he commentates the competition. As the competition roles onward, Applejack notices that Rainbow Dash is starting to use her wings more and more to win each round. Progressively Applejack gets a bit angrier after each go and eventually yells out that Rainbow Dash is cheating. Rainbow Dash was baffled that she wasn’t aware that there were no wings allowed in this competition. After a little feud between the two, they decide that whoever wins the running of the leaves race is crowned the most athletic pony in all of Ponyville.

The next day they show up for the race lining up when both Rainbow Dash and Applejack line up making remarks at each other. Applejack mentions that she wants a clean race with no cheating and Rainbow Dash ends up making the remark that she can win the race with both of her wings tied down. Applejack ends up taking the initiative and tying down her wings just to be sure it is a fair race. As they are finishing up this and getting ready to line up for the competition, Twilight Sparkle shows up ready to run. Both Applejack and Rainbow Dash start laughing at the notion that Twilight wants to race also. They snicker out a good luck as the commentator, Pinkie Pie prepares for the race. While she is preparing, Spike eagerly wants to join in on helping out with commentating and being her co-host for the competition. And the race begins, with both Applejack and Rainbow Dash running ahead of the main group. The two are neck and neck trying to just get a tiny bit farther than the other when Applejack trips over a rock and causes her to fall all the way back to the main group. When she begins thinking about how she tripped, she immediately thought that Rainbow Dash tripped her. Twilight Sparkle, who was leading the rear of the group of racing ponies, overhears this and quickly remarks that Applejack is wrong. She points out that if she wasn’t so blind about winning this over Rainbow Dash, she would notice that there was a rock that tripped her. Applejack soon attempts to regain her position as first and darts away.

Far ahead of the group of ponies, Rainbow Dash is realizing that nopony is even in sight of passing her. She decides to take a little breather as she assumes she has time. Just as she starts relaxing, Applejack comes out of nowhere and passes her making a remark along the way. As Rainbow Dash attempts to regain her momentum, she ends up tripping on a stump and causing her to have a similar set back as Applejack did a little bit ago. Only this time Rainbow Dash begins to think that Applejack is cheating and Twilights insight didn’t get through to her.

A little later on in the race, they are both neck and neck once more when running into another portion of a forest. When Rainbow Dash ends up taking the lead, she grabs onto a low hanging branch and pulls it back as she runs by, causing it to fling back and hit Applejack in the face. When Applejack realizes what happened, Rainbow Dash is taunting her, signifying that she cheated on purpose. Using the same type of trick concept as Rainbow Dash used with the branch, Applejack uses it to fling herself into ridiculous speeds flying past Rainbow Dash and taking the lead. While ahead of her, Applejack decides to cheat once more and buck a tree with a bee hive in it to knock it down. Just as the hive falls down Rainbow Dash runs by and starts getting chased by the bees. However, this plan backfired as Rainbow began running faster than before, passing Applejack. After dodging the bees, Rainbow Dash gets the idea to flip the sign a different direction to throw off Applejacks direction. After doing so, you find Applejack at the top of a mountain almost nearly next to the hot air balloon both Pinkie Pie and Spike are in.

Rainbow Dash is running ahead of everyone when Applejack gets dropped off by Pinkie Pie and Spike to make her lead ahead of every other pony. As they continue running, Applejack ends up kicking a bucket of cider down for Rainbow Dash to step in and get stuck. But what actually happens is she is able to launch herself just like Applejack once did and fling herself into Applejack. They end up spinning around together, creating a pony tornado and hitting a mountain. After they recover, the platform they are standing on starts to give out and mashes into the ground. This causes the rope that tied Rainbow Dashes wings to come loose and she gives up trying to play it nice. They both start dashing to the finish line and both finish at the same time. Little did they know that they were the last ponies of the race because of all that happened. They realize that their fighting was silly and shouldn’t have been done and re-run through the whole course to finish having the leaves fall.

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