Feeling Pinkie Keen


Spike is shown standing in front of Twilight Sparkle whilst she is attempting to do magic on the items he is holding. She is trying to make a stick and a rock turn into a hat and a walking pole. However, Twilight needs him to have complete focus otherwise it will not work and the slightest mess up could ruin it. Once she finally got everything to transform perfectly well, Spike looks over at Pinkie Pie and starts losing focus, thus hurting him with the rock. Twilight gets a little upset with Spike that he needs to focus but he makes a remark that he can’t with Pinkie Pie doing “whatever Pinkie Pie is doing”. They look over to see Pinkie Pie doing really weird things around Ponyville. Twilight becomes curious and ends up asking her why she is acting so funny. Pinkie Pie, assuming Twilight knew why she does this, mentions that her tail was twitching and that something is to fall out of the sky. Twilight laughs at the idea of this and before she can finish her sentence, a frog lands on her face. After the theme song, you find out that Fluttershy is taking the frogs to be released over in the Everfree Forest to live in a more comfortable environment. Both Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy say goodbye to Twilight and Spike when they start heading away somewhere else to practice when Spike starts mentioning that he was amazed that Pinkie Pie can predict the future. Reluctant to believe, Twilight Sparkle disagrees with his theory, telling him it was a mere coincidence that something fell out of the sky. Just after she mentions this, Pinkie Pie comes back into the frame explaining that her tail is twitching again, saying that something will fall again. Laughing, Twilight ignores the warning and ends up falling into a hole. Applejack comes into view and asks Twilight what is she doing down in the hole. After explaining to her that it was Pinkie Pie’s random twitching issues, Applejack immediately freaks out. Telling her that she should listen to Pinkie Pie’s warnings very seriously, and just as she finishes explaining Pinkie Pie comes in mentioning that someone is going to need a bath. Once more, Twilight starts laughing that she was told that and ends up getting a bunch of mud all over her.

At Pinkie Pie’s house, Twilight Sparkle is in a bath still trying to disprove how she can predict the future when Pinkie Pie starts explaining the symptoms. She mentions that her shoulder is “achie”, which means there is an alligator in the bath tub. Pulling out a green alligator from the bath tub and scaring Twilight thoroughly. You then find out that it is Pinkie Pie’s pet Gummy that has no teeth. After the bath, Twilight still refuses to believe that she has a sixth sense and Pinkie Pie ends up relating it to magic, saying they’re the same thing. Twilight gets a bit furious off of this and tries to explain to her that magic has laws and completely regulatory verses her weird nonsense. A little bit later Pinkie Pie explains that she can have combos with her ability, where multiple things happen at once that explains another occurrence. Frustrated, Twilight starts to do tests on Pinkie Pie to figure out the logic behind her issues.

Pinkie Pie is wired up ready to be tested and Twilight Sparkle is waiting for test results. While they were feeding through, she notices that absolutely nothing is happening now after she is wired up. Infuriated, Twilight takes off all of the experiment equipment and starts storming out of the room. Just as she is about to make it to the door, Pinkie Pie starts getting a feeling that a door will slam open. Of course, Twilight doesn’t pay attention and gets hit by Spike running into the room. After a bit of talking under her breath, Twilight comes out from behind the door and mentions that she is going to study Pinkie Pie to make sure this isn’t true. As she is watching what Pinkie Pie does, a multitude of things happen to her rather than Pinkie Pie. She notes that she is doing the wrong stuff like twitchy tail means something falling from the sky. But she didn’t notice some minor things before that because it actually indicated bees. After a while she once again gets fed up with this act and heads over to Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie mentions that she knew that she was following her the whole time and thought it was a game.

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