Griffon the Brush-Off

Griffon the Brush-Off
Season No. 1
Episode No. 5
Date November 12th, 2010
Written by Cindy Morrow
Theme Friendship
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Griffon the Brush Off is the fifth episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It was originally aired on television channel named The Hub on November 12th, 2011. It is about Gilda coming to visit Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie feeling left out after just starting to hang out with Rainbow Dash.



Pinkie Pie is shown talking to Twilight Sparkle about how amazingly talented Rainbow Dash is with flying. Explaining with every detail along with equivalent number of sound effects. Twilight however is sitting there trying to read a book whilst Pinkie Pie is talking and looks is annoyed that she's there but does not want to tell her to leave. As Pinkie Pie was explaining her story, Rainbow Dash flew overhead of them causing Pinkie Pie to chase after her and leave Twilight alone without saying goodbye. Pinkie Pie chasing after Rainbow Dash trying to get her attention because she is about to run into a mountain. In the end she hits the mountain because she was distracted by Pinkie Pie.

After the opening, the next scene shows Pinkie Pie looking for Rainbow Dash all over Ponyville. She asks anyone around town about Rainbow Dashes whereabouts and eventually getting her answer through Twilight Sparkle. This causes Rainbow Dash to trying to hide from Pinkie Pie to not have her talk to her again (as she sounds annoyed by Pinkie Pie at this moment). Flying away as fast as she can, Pinkie Pie always manages to catch up to her by hopping. Eventually Rainbow Dash gives up running away from Pinkie Pie and ends up doing Pinkie Pie's favor.

Pinkie Pies favor consisted of Rainbow Dash moving a cloud into position outside of a building. Pinkie Pie wants to perform a prank on Spike, who is inside the building grabbing scrolls. Once he walks out with all of the scrolls, Rainbow Dash kicks the cloud to create lightning and thunder come out, scaring Spike. Spike ends up getting hiccups and laughs it off. Rainbow Dash is impressed that Pinkie Pie likes to prank other people and causes them to go around trying to prank any pony.

The next scene shows Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash over at the Carousel Boutique with flowers at the front door. The flowers contain a sneezing powder on top of them and when Rarity sniffs them, it causes her to sneeze uncontrollably for a little while. At first Rarity seemed to be very angry with the situation but soon notices it was in good fun. The next prank they pull off is one on Twilight Sparkle where they change the ink that she is using to invisible ink. Twilight after realizing what happened shrugged it off as it is a prank. They prank Applejack next by coloring all of her apples at Sweet Apple Acres different colors and patterns. At first Applejack is angry and throws apples at them, but as one lands in a barrel of water, the paint comes off and causes Applejack to lighten up, laughing about the situation. The last prank Rainbow Dash attempts to do is on Fluttershy with a stuff turtle doll. Pinkie Pie mentions that they should never prank Fluttershy as she is too sensitive about any situation and could hurt her feelings. Rainbow Dash agrees and tries thinking of another victim. Although Pinkie Pie already has pulled a prank on Rainbow Dash and doesn't know about it yet. Pinkie Pie directs her to the water to show the paint circle around her eye and they both laugh about the joke.

The next day, Pinkie Pie goes rushing to Rainbow Dash's house to wake her up for more pranks. Though, upon getting to Rainbow Dash's house, Gilda appears before Rainbow Dash. Gilda is the only griffin (half eagle, half lion according to Rainbow Dash) in the show thus far and was a classmate of Rainbow Dash when they were in Cloudsdale. Gilda came to visit Rainbow Dash because they haven't seen each other in quite a long time now. You notice at this moment that Gilda already dislikes how cheerful Pinkie Pie is when she laughs. Pinkie Pie welcomes Gilda immediately and welcomes her to go and prank someone. But, before they can prank someone Rainbow Dash promised Gilda to fly around for a bit. Pinkie Pie at this moment feels very left out. Later after the flying, Rainbow Dash and Gilda are shown on a cloud while Pinkie Pie catches up to them and manages to get up to where they are with a trampoline. Once more Gilda looks angry at Pinkie Pie and gets the idea to fly once more to get away from Pinkie Pie. Obviously Rainbow Dash accepts and they fly off. Pinkie Pie manages to get up to where they finish racing with balloons. Once more Gilda attempts to get Rainbow Dash away from Pinkie Pie by telling her to fly up to another cloud. This time Gilda stays back and pops some of Pinkie Pies balloons to attempt stopping her from hanging out with them. Although it fails as Pinkie Pie has a propeller bicycle that she uses to fly up to them. Gilda tells Pinkie Pie that Rainbow Dash was her friend first and that Pinkie Pie cannot be her friend, telling her to get lost.

At the Library, it shows Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle talking about Gilda and her bad behavior. Though Twilight makes a point that Pinkie Pie might be jealous that Gilda is hanging out with Rainbow Dash rather with her, causing Pinkie Pie to give Gilda one more chance before making up her mind. While at Ponyville, Pinkie Pie observes Gilda being a bad person through scaring Granny Smith, stealing an apple from a concession stand, and yelling at Fluttershy about where she is walking. This ends up making Pinkie Pie come to the conclusion that Gilda is a bad person and cuts to the next scene.

The next scene shows Pinkie Pie throwing a party for Gilda. Fluttershy mentions to Pinkie Pie that the party might not be a good thing to have for Gilda but Pinkie Pie informs her that everything will be alright. Gilda eventually arrives and Pinkie Pie welcomes her in by shocking her with a buzzer on her hoof. Gilda initially looked angry but hears Rainbow Dash laugh and causes her to hold back her anger. At the start of the party, Gilda eats a lemon drop, which was very hot and causes her to run and try and drink punch, but she grabs a trick glass and all of the drink pours out on her instead. Rainbow Dash signals to Gilda that there are presents and she greedily grabs one and tries to open it. She finds out that it was also another prank as it was a packed snake can, at which everyone laughs but Gilda is trying to hold back her anger at this point. The next prank on Gilda is trick candles on a cake that Pinkie Pie brought out. The last thing that happened with Gilda was when she was playing pin the tail on the pony, she assumed it was a prank and didn't follow what Pinkie Pie was telling her, causing her to slip on cake and be laughed at once more. This time Gilda can't take Pinkie Pies pranks any longer and yells at all of the ponies. Although, it was Rainbow Dash that did all of the pranks on Gilda, not Pinkie Pie. Gilda tells off Rainbow Dash that she is 'uncool' and should contact her once she becomes 'cool' again. The episode ends with a letter to Princess Celestia.

Letter To Princess Celestia

Dearest Princess Celestia,
Today I learned that it's hard to accept when somepony you like wants to spend time with somepony who's not so nice. Though it's impossible to control who your friends hang out with, it is possible to control you own behavior. Just continue to be a good friend. In the end the difference between a false friend and one who's true will surely come to light.

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle 

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