Hoity Toity

Hoity Toity
Species Earth Pony
Type Recurring Character
Residence Canterlot
Eyes Strong cyan
Mane Grey/white
Coat Slate blue
Cutie Mark Paper fan
Voice Actor(s) Trevor Devall (English)
Jean Marc Delhausse (French)
Christian Gaul (German)
Diego Sabre (Italian)
Leszek Zduń (Polish)
Joakim Jennefors (Swedish)

Hoity Toity appears in episode fourteen, Suited For Success, and he arrives in Ponyville to see Rarity's fashion show. When he seen the second set of dresses Rarity made for her friends in the fashion show, he gave Rarity a honest but cruel review, saying how terrible the dresses were. This almost completely ended Rarity's career, but then her friends brought Hoity Toity back to her house to give her a second chance. Hoity Toity was really impressed by Rarity's other set of ensembles, Hoity Toity then recommends that her clothes be featured in the fashion boutique in Canterlot.

Hoity Toity's voice can also be heard during a fashion show in Green Isn't Your Color.

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