Species Pegasus Pony
Gender Male
Type Minor Character
Eyes Green
Mane Brown
Coat Orange
Cutie Mark Three basketballs
Special Trait Basketball
Voice Actor(s) Kathleen Barr
Terry Klassen (as a colt)

Hoops is the second in a trio of uncooth pegasi that are featured as childhood rivals to Rainbow Dash. The other two are Dumb-Bell, their apparent leader; and Score.



In The Cutie Mark Chronicles his eyes are revealed to be a minty green when he was a colt. As an adult his eyes are always hidden by his mane, which doesn't seem to inhibit his vision. His mane is brown and his coat is orange.


Much like his friend Dumb-Bell, he enjoys ridiculing others. However, he possesses no eloquence and most of what he has to say builds on something already stated by Dumb-Bell.

Cutie Mark

His Cutie Mark is three basketballs. Like his friend Dumb-Bell, he did not yet have his cutie mark during the childhood flashback in The Cutie Mark Chronicles.



Episode Appearances

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