It's About Time

It's About Time
Twilight and her future self.
Date March 10th, 2012
Theme Dark/Light Contrast
Previous Episode Putting Your Hoof Down
Next Episode Dragon Quest

It's About Time is the twentieth episode of the second season for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the forty-sixth episode overall. When Twilight receives a warning from her future self, she drives herself crazy trying to prevent an unspecified disaster.


The episode begins with Spike being woken up from a dream about him showing Rarity to a house made of ice cream by the sound of clopping. When he goes downstairs to inspect the source of the noise, he finds Twilight Sparkle pacing around the library floor. When asked how she can be up in the middle of the night, Twilight begins telling him by teleporting in front of him how awful and tragic the situation supposedly is, he asked her what happened only for Twilight to respond by levitating a calender into his claws. Spike's only guess is that they forgot to celebrate a holiday where Twilight corrects him in saying that the problem lies in her forgetting to create a new schedule for the following month stating that it could be an absolute disaster if she can't find a way to make her new schedule on time on top of her other schedule.

Twilight then spends all night figuring out how to plan a new schedule within her schedule until morning when she finds a way to leave a half hour window open to plan the new schedule. Flashes of light start sparking in the middle of the library and when the light faded, another Twilight had appeared dressed in a tattered black suit, an eyepatch, and had a scar and bandage. The second Twilight tries to tell Twilight of a message from the future only for Twilight to constantly interrupt her with questions of her own, all future Twilight was able to say to her was that how she was from the future from next tuesday morning and how she was able to travel through time using a book from the Canterlot Archives. Before she could tell the present Twilight her message, she was sent back into the future leaving Twilight to wonder what she was trying to say.

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