Look Before You Sleep

Look Before You Sleep
Season No. 1
Episode No. 8
Date December 3rd, 2010
Written by Charlotte Fullerton
Theme Friendship Problems
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Look Before You Sleep is the eighth episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It was originally aired on television channel named The Hub on December 3rd, 2011. This episode is about Applejack, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle having a slumber party due to a massive storm. Applejack and Rarity are having issues agreeing on which of their ways is correct.



This episode begins with ponies helping move clouds into place for a storm and take down broken branches off of a tree to stop a large mess from happening. However, Rarity is attempting to clean up the branches and make them look pretty rather help take down the branches. After Rarity finishes making the branch look pretty, Applejack comes over and tears down the branch, mentioning to her that they need to get the branches off of the trees before it starts to rain so they don’t create a larger mess. Because of this notion, they start getting into an argument about whether being particular with everything is better or trying to see the whole picture is the right idea.

The rain is pouring down as they try and hide for cover, Applejack is under a picnic table and Rarity is out in the open worrying about her mane getting ruined. Eventually they hear Twilight Sparkle calling their names from the Library, telling them to get inside. When they come indoors, Rarity makes a remark to Applejack that she should tidy up before entering the house. Twilight Sparkle mentions that they are welcome to stay at her house until the storm passes by. Then they get the idea to have a sleep over because it would be Twilight Sparkle’s first ever slumber party.

When Applejack comes in from washing off her hooves, she notices that Rarity and Twilight Sparkle are wearing a mud mask on their face to give themselves makeovers. She mistakes the mud mask for actual mud and questions why she needed to clean her hooves. A little bit later, Twilight begins to look up the next thing to do with the slumber party when Rarity and Applejack make an agreement to attempt not fighting whilst at this slumber party.

After finishing the makeovers, Rarity tries to make a remark about how Applejack is enjoying it thus far. After completing this portion of the slumber party, Twilight Sparkle mentions they should move onward to telling ghost stories. Applejack and Rarity start telling fake ghost stories about each other and the purposes were to annoy the other pony. Twilight didn’t understand what they were doing and moved onward to her story. Her story ended up scaring Rarity and Applejack and they moved onward to the next portion of the sleepover.

The next minor portion of the sleepover consisted of making smores. Notice at this moment Rarity is trying to make every little detail perfect to make the perfect smore. And once it is finished, Applejack comes by and just eats the smore. Just after the smores they move onward to truth and dare. This involves Applejack and Rarity constantly telling each other to do something they know the other will not want to do. Meanwhile Twilight Sparkle watches them basically fight. She starts taking notice of the fighting going on between them at this stage.

The last thing they decide to do at the slumber party before going to sleep is having a pillow fight. At first Rarity does not want to take part in the fight but Applejack causes her to get into the fight when she hits her with a pillow. Whilst they were getting more and more into the fight, Twilight Sparkle is wondering what it meant by pillow fight. Eventually once she figures it out; she walks out and gets caught up in the middle of the crossfire, getting hit by a multitude of pillows. This causes her to mention that they should just head to bed instead of continuing.

When they head to bed, Applejack and Rarity have to share the same bed and causes even more issues. Whilst they were trying to sleep, they wanted more of the blanket they were sharing, causing the other pony to lose her half of the blanket. Eventually It causes Rarity to get up to fix the bed (note her interest in the minor detail) and while she is attempting this, Applejack is trying to just get the blanket to make a mess and fall asleep in a bundle of blankets. They end up fighting about who is right and cause Twilight Sparkle to wake up and get angry at them. Mentioning that they haven’t been able to have fun yet at this slumber party when they are constantly at each other’s throats. As they were fighting, a tree got electrocuted, causing damage to the top of the tree. Instead of taking down the part of the tree calmly, Applejack decided to drag the whole tree branch into the window. This created a huge mess for them to clean up and causes Rarity to spend a lot of detail on the minor things like the books being off of the shelves rather the tree itself. Eventually Applejack gets Rarity to come help her and get rid of the giant tree branch. They saved the night and made up through helping each other. The end of the episode shows them having fun and Twilight writing a letter to Princess Celestia.

Letter to Princess Celestia

Dear Princess Celestia,
It's hard to believe that two ponies who seem to have so little in common could ever get along. But I found out that if you embrace each other's differences, you might just be surprised to discover a way to be friends after all.

She cuts off before finishing the letter to talk to Applejack and Rarity.

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