Species Unicorn Pony
Type Recurring Character
Eyes Gradient from yellow-lime to amber
Mane White with a streak of green
Coat Aquamarine
Cutie Mark Golden lyre
Special Trait Unknown. Presumably talented at playing the lyre.

She first appears in Canterlot alongside Sparkler as Twilight Sparkle is running back to her study. She has taken up residence in Ponyville upon Twilight's arrival and is often seen in other locations when the mane 6 travel to faraway lands. She is wearing a bonnet as a "settler pony" in Appleloosa and is in the episode Sonic Rainboom as a spectator to the Best Young Fliers Competition. How she is able to stand upon clouds is not revealed; one may speculate she used the same spell or one similar to that employed by Twilight to allow Rainbow Dash's friends to attend.

She can often be spotted around Ponyville going about her business and at group functions. Her friend Bon Bon is often with her.


Lyra is a minty color with a mane of white and a greenish-blue color; her eyes are gold. Her cutie mark is that of a lyre, presumably because she has some affinity for the lyre. She has not demonstrated any innate ability or special talents as of the first season's conclusion.

What made Lyra most famous
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