Mare in the Moon

Mare in the Moon
Date October 10, 2010
Theme Dark/Light Contrast
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Mare in the Moon was the very first episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is also known as Pilot 1/2. It was originally aired on The Hub, a TV Channel, on October 10, 2010.


Twilight Sparkle, a scholar Unicorn, travels to Ponyville under orders of her mentor, Princess Celestia, to assist with the Summer Sun Celebration and to make friends. She is a socially awkward Unicorn that keeps her nose in her books all day, refusing to make friends with any of the strange ponies in Canterlot, her hometown.

When she arrives in Ponyville, she meets a strange pony who stands there in stares her down. Eventually, the pony leaps up, screams, and runs away. Twilight takes this as an immediate warning sign, and worries that all of the ponies in Ponyville are like this.

She heads over to Sweet Apple Acres to check on the food for the Summer Sun Celebration, and she meets Applejack and the rest of the Apple Family, including the only known male, Big Macintosh, and the grandmother, Granny Smith. Twilight is worried after visiting this area as well, for she is scared that the rest of the ponies are like this, and she does not want to make friends here.

Going towards town square, she meets Rainbow Dash. Spike mentions a Pegasus who is supposed to be clearing the sky of clouds named Rainbow Dash, who then rushes into them and pushes Twilight into the mud on accident. This irritates Twilight, but she doesn't have long to feel that way. Rainbow Dash comes over, places a rain cloud over Twilight's head, and she is quickly drenched. Rainbow Dash then attempts to dry Twilight Sparkle off,messing Twilight Sparkle's hair up in the process. Afterwards, she taunts Rainbow, and Rainbow clears the sky for the Summer Sun Celebration without actually knowing what is happening.

She then meets Rarity, a fashionable pony that lives in a palace of sorts for Ponyville. They get along relatively well together, but Spike has a crush on her, so it is indeed a strange idea. However, Rarity puts different clothes on Twilight in order to make her prettier after her encounter with Rainbow. Twilight and Spike quickly leave afterwards.

They arrive near a large tree, where a pony is directing a choral group of birds. When asked her name, the pony hesitantly replies, saying that it is Fluttershy. When Fluttershy is introduced to Spike however, everything turns upside down. She quickly throws him rapid-fire questions, wondering exactly what a baby dragon is like. They continue this conversation all the way to the Library, where Twilight is staying while in Ponyville.

When they enter the Library, they are ambushed by a group of ponies who have thrown Twilight a surprise welcoming party, and the hostess turns out to be the pony that Twilight met when first entering Ponyville, who turns out to be Pinkie Pie. Eventually, Twilight runs into her room and places the pillow over her head, trying to block out all of the sound.

On the day of the Summer Sun Celebration, they are all together at Rarity's house, where the Mayor of Ponyville is starting the ceremony. However, when Princess Celestia is supposed to be introduced, she does not appear. Instead, Nightmare Moon appears, just like Twilight (and the legends) foretold.

Episode Transcript

You can see the episode transcript here.

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