Mayor of Ponyville
Species Earth Pony
Type Minor Character
Eyes Blue
Mane Light/Dark gray
Coat Khaki
Cutie Mark A scroll bound with a blue ribbon.
Special Trait Leadership
Voice Actor(s) Cathy Weseluck (English)
Liane Rudolph (German)
Graziella Porta (Italian)
Mami Horikoshi (Japanese)
Ewa Serwa (Polish)
Ruth Toscano (Latin American Spanish)

The Mayor is the leader of the town of Ponyville. Not much is known about her beyond her position as mayor. She welcomes Princess Celestia to the Summer Sun Celebration, presents a trophy to Applejack for saving the town from a stampede in Applebuck Season; and oversees the town's cleanup operations in Winter Wrap-Up - when things fall behind schedule she gives Twilight Sparkle the responsibility of reorganizing the cleanup crews to ensure all is completed on time.

In A Bird in the Hoof she requests an audience with Princess Celestia over an unspecified matter, but she does not make an appearance.


The Mayor's coat is tan and her mane is two shades of gray; her eyes are blue. She wears gold-framed glasses that rest upong her nose with no rim at the bottom of the lenses. Her cutie mark is a scroll bound in blue ribbon.

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