My Little Pony: Crystal Princess Runaway Rainbow

The Runaway Rainbow
NDS The Runaway Rainbow.jpg
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Webfoot Technologies
Genre Adventure/Family/Party
Release Dates MiniUSFlag.png Sep 13, 2006 THQ
Neoseeker Profile MLP: The Runaway Rainbow

My Little Pony: The Runaway Rainbow is a Gameboy Advance game released in 2006.

In this game, everyone in Unicornia is celebeating the season's first rainbow, but then Rarity the unicorn accidentally transports herself to a place called Breezie Blossom with a magic wand. You go on an adventure with the Breezies and some ponies form Ponyville to get Rarity the unicorn back home for the rainbow celebration.

  • Play 14 fun mini-games throughout your journey, which includes memory matching, dress up games and more.
  • Play as Rarity the unicorn or your favorite pony in the game and try to get back to Unicornia.
  • There are 5 pony filled levels, you can race on roller skates, cross a river and more.
  • You can color pictures and decorate the town for the rainbow celebration.
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