Nightmare Moon

Nightmare Moon
Species Winged Unicorn
Eyes Teal with catlike irises
Mane Deep violet
Coat Black
Cutie Mark Crescent Moon
Special Trait Power of Darkness & Night
Voice Actor(s) Tabitha St. Germain (English)
Heike Schroetter (German)
Elda Olivieri (Italian)
Takako Honda (Japanese)
Brygida Turowska (Polish)
Fátima Noya (Brazilian Portuguese)
Magda Giner (Latin American Spanish)

A transformation of Princess Luna, she is the little sister of Princess Celestia and a pony that was put to sleep for her trying to make night eternal years ago. Using the elements of harmony, Twilight Sparkle and the other main characters used their special element to defeat her and return day & night back to their normal balance. After she was back to her original state (Princess Luna), she was asked if she would rule aside her big sister to keep perfect balance between daylight and nighttime.

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