Opalescence (Opal)
Species Cat (Persian)
Type Companion
Eyes Green
Coat White
Special Trait N/A
Owner Rarity

Opalescence is Rarity's white cat. Even though Opalescence seems often swipes at Rarity, Rarity still cares a lot for her cat.



Opalescence is a white cat who wears a purple bow on her head. She also wears a purple collar that is studded with opals.


Opalescence is mean to everyone (even Rarity) except Fluttershy. Opal also has a bit of a sarcastic sense of humor, in one episode she is seen chopping off some of Sweetie Belle's hair, and she offers a smug look afterwards. Sweetie Belle suggested that she might be good with animals too, which was wrong.


Lives with Rarity

Episode Appearances

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