Over a Barrel

Over a Barrel
Season No. 1
Episode No. 21
Date March 25th 2011
Written by Dave Polsky
Theme Compromise
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Over A Barrel is the 21st episode of Season 1 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is about a town of settler ponies and their refusal to compromise with a tribe of buffalo and visa-versa.



The episode starts with a shot of a train speeding down the track, pulled by four stallions. In the back carriage of the train, Applejack is reading a story to, what we soon discover, a tree. Rarity soon appears and questions Applejack about reading to an apple tree. Applejack seems embarrassed but explains that being replanted in a new place can be very upsetting for a tree and that Bloomberg is one of her favourites. Angry about the tree haven’t a private bed and her not doing, Rarity storms out of the carriage.

The next scene is of a very noisy carriage where Rarity and Spike are struggling to sleep, whilst the rest of the ponies are chatting excitably. Noticing this, Twilight Sparkle tells the group that perhaps they need some sleep, much to everypony else’s disappointment. Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight and Fluttershy begin talking, right in front of Spike’s bed, this irritates him greatly and he leaves the carriage to sleep next to Bloomberg the tree.

That morning, the ponies awake to see a Buffalo stampede beside the train, at first they are excited but they soon become worried about how close to the train the buffalo are, and rightly so. One of the stallions pulling the train is hit in the face and the carriages are knocked backwards. An extremely small buffalo jumps on top of the pony’s carriage, Rainbow Dash follows her across the train, but flies straight into the sign, she recovers in time to see that the small buffalo has disconnected the carriage containing Bloomberg and Spike.

The other five ponies arrive in Appleloosa and are welcomed by Applejack’s cousin, Braeburn, who is very hyperactive and continuously interrupts his cousin’s attempts to tell him what happened on the train, instead showing them around the town. After a forced tour, Applejack finally tells Braeburn about the loss of the tree. Hearing that it was due to buffalo, Braeburn explains that the buffalo don’t want the trees on the land, never mind more being added, despite the fact that the ponies need the apples to live off.

In the wilderness, Rainbow Dash is sneaking around, behind rocks, seemingly looking for the small buffalo. Suddenly, Pinkie Pie jumps out at Dash, and is told that she has to go or her cover will be blown. It turns out that they are both trying to save Spike, while Rainbow is warning Pinkie that there is more of a chance of them getting caught, a herd of buffalo surround them and begin to charge. Luckily, Spike seems to have some sort of power over the buffalos’ actions and he demands that they stop and the buffalo leave the two ponies and Spike alone.

Around a fire, Spike tells Dash and Pinkie of how the buffalo took him by mistake and feel awful about it and treat him like an honoured guest, but still dislike ponies. The small buffalo enters the scene, giving Spike a bowl full of turquoise and allowing Pinkie Pie to have some more of the mushy food they were given. Realising who the buffalo is, Rainbow Dash starts to leave but the buffalo, who introduces herself as Little Strongheart apologises to the pair and tells them that they only meant to take the tree, as the settler ponies have planted an orchid with trees all over it and, due to this, the buffalo can no longer run over their traditional stampeding ground. Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are then introduced to Chief Thunderhooves, a large buffalo wearing a blue feathered headdress, who explains to them about the many generations of buffalo who have stampeded across that ground. He and Little Strongheart go on to tell them about how the settler ponies did not ask their permission before planting the orchid and that they are now stuck at their camp because they cannot complete the sacred tradition of running across the stampeding ground. Dash tells them that they have some “Apple-picking [[|Appleloosa|Appleloosans]]” to talk to, and leads the group toward the town.

Meanwhile, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle and Braeburn start toward buffalo territory, prepared to save their friends, when they run straight into them. Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Spike tell them that they promised the Buffalo a chance to talk, the reason that Little Strongheart is with them. She wants to explain why the settler ponies should move the trees, Braeburn begins to say how helpful this information would be, but Applejack steps in and says that her cousin wants to tell the buffalo why they should keep the trees where they are. As Little Strongheart starts to say how useful that information might be, Dash cuts in reminding the ponies that the land belongs to the buffalo and, despite the fact that they didn’t know that when they planted the orchid, they should still move their trees. Applejack argues that they can’t plant the trees elsewhere, they’re on the only flatland around those parts. They bicker about who deserves it for a while, until Twilight interrupts their argument, telling them that both parties have good reasons, there must be something that they can do. Pinkie Pie jumps up and claims she has an idea. The next scene shows the ponies stood in a large crowd, looking uncomfortably toward a stage, where Pinkie Pie bursts out, dressed in strange western attire and begins to sing the You Got to Share, You Got to Care song, the buffalo and ponies are unimpressed by the display, calling it the worst performance they had ever seen. Chief Thunderhooves tells everyone that the stampede will start at high noon tomorrow and if the orchid is not moved they intend to flatten it and the rest of the town. The Sherriff says that the Appleloosans will be ready and waiting. The two parties go their separate ways.

The residents of Appleloosa are all busy running around, boarding up windows and preparing for the fight with the Buffalos. Twilight Sparkle decides to try and talk some sense into the Appleloosans but nopony is willing to listen. Rarity, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy stand and watch the residents apple buck, their attempts to reason with them ignored or growled at. The town continues to prepare and the flag (an apple tree on a red background) is raised.

At the buffalos’ campsite they practice their fighting, sharpen their horns and paint their faces. Rainbow Dash tries to reason with Chief Thunderhooves, he is more responsive than the ponies but is unable to change his decision.

The next day, the buffalo are shown on a cliff, looking upon Appleloosa, where it is weakly barricaded against them. The clock strikes noon, as Rainbow Dash tries to come up with an alternative and the buffalo begin to charge. For a moment, it seems that the chief has changed his mind, until Pinkie Pie begins singing her song. Angered, Chief Thunderhooves begins the attack on the town, easily destroying the ponies’ weak barricades. The ponies begin throwing apple pies at the attackers, knocking several of them down. A huge fight ensues, several ponies taking down the buffalo, a clock tower falling down. The Sherriff prepares to be attacked by The Chief but a rogue pie hits the buffalo and Chief Thunderhooves falls to the ground. Everyone is shaken by the attack, but The Chief jumps up again after tasting some of the pie, claiming that it is delicious.

A path is created in the centre of the Orchid and apple pies are given out to the Buffalos, who allow the apple trees to stay in exchange for a share of the fruit that it holds. Bloomberg is planted, to Applejack’s pride and the two sides begin to live quite peacefully. Twilight Sparkle writes her letter to Princess Celestia and Pinkie Pie complains about a line from her song being used in the letter, then the credits roll and the episode is over.

Letter to Princess Celestia

Dear Princess Celestia,

Friendship is a wondrous and powerful thing. Even the worst of enemies can become friends. You need understanding and compromise. You’ve got to share. You’ve got to care.

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Over a Barrel

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