Owllicious by blackm3sh-d3elqww.png
Species Owl
Type Minor Character
Eyes Black
Coat Brown
Cutie Mark N/A
Special Trait Intelligence
Owner Twilight Sparkle

Owlowiscious, is one of Twilight Sparkle's helpers and is Spike's rival. He appeared near the end of the first season and there still isn't much known about him but that he is great at helping others and is extremely intelligent. Twilight Sparkle needed him for her studies during the night while Spike was asleep. This made Spike jealous and mistook Owlowiscious as a replacement and he ran away from home.

When Spike ran away from home and was in trouble, Owlowiscious and Twilight Sparkle came to the rescue to save Spike. Using Owlowiscious' ability to see in the dark, they navigated the Everfree Forest and escaped from danger.

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