Party of One

Party of One
Date April 29th, 2011
Theme Quick to judge
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Party of One is the twenty-sixth episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It was originally aired on The Hub on April 29th, 2011. It is about Pinkie Pie and her surprise birthday party that the other ponies were planning for her.


Episode jumps in very early having Pinkie Pie hand out invitations for her pet alligators birthday, Gummy. She first goes to Twilight Sparkle's house (the library) to ask for her to come to Gummy's parrty. Then moving on to Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and lastly Fluttershy.

They have the party over at Pinkie Pie's place, where Applejack and Rainbow Dash are shown bobbing for apples. After talking to Pinkie Pie for a little bit, it moves onward to Rarity drinking a delicious punch. The next song starts up and Pinkie Pie moves over to Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy to dance, making remarks at how Pinkie Pie always throws the best parties.

After the party, everyone says goodbye and before Twilight Sparkle left the area, Pinkie Pie asks her if she wanted more birthday cake. Twilight Sparkle makes the remark that she is full but they should do another party soon. Pinkie Pie then gets an idea to have another party the next day.

Early next day Pinkie Pie begins giving out invitations once more to everyone. However, this time, Twilight has to begin studying her books and cannot make it to the party. Pinkie Pie shrugs and happily moves onward to Applejack. But, upon talking to Applejack, she is also busy with harvesting apples. At this point, it seemed that Applejack was trying to get out of the after birthday party. A similar story mentioned when Pinkie Pie asks Rarity if she would want to come to the party. But, Rarity made up an excuse that her hair was dirty and needed washing. Pinkie Pie notices that her hair is perfect and causes Rarity to dunk her head in the trash that Spike just took out. Moving on, Pinkie Pie also has similar stories with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy where they are house sitting a bear who is on vacation at the beach (A lie).

Pinkie Pie heads home and begins wondering if her friends were really telling the truth that they were busy all today and couldn't make it. Ironically she believed Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy's story over all of the other stories and comes to the conclusion that they were excuses to not come. She then spots Twilight Sparkle sneaking around from her window and walked into the Sugarcube Corner. Pinkie Pie began to get suspicious and drops a wired tin can down a story to spy and hear what Twilight was talking about. Twilight was picking up a cake from Mrs. Cake. This causes Pinkie Pie to get to the bottom of whats happening and goes into disguise.

Pinkie Pie only wearing a pair of glasses, a fake nose, and a mustache stalks and spies on Twilight Sparkle as she hands the cake off to Rarity. Who then asks if she (Pinkie Pie) has spotted her yet. Upon passing of the cake to Rarity, Pinkie Pie begins following Rarity to find out whats going on. Rarity eventually meets up with Fluttershy and hands off the cake to her. At the end of them whispering, she mentions that Rarity will see Fluttershy later. at this moment Pinkie Pie is in her full disguise, walking around with her original disguise and wearing a hay stack and clothing over top of the haystack. Pinkie Pie has a hard time moving around in the disguise and loses control, bumping into Fluttershy. Fluttershy screams in fear and flies away. This makes Pinkie Pie think that not every pony likes her parties. As she's in thought, Rainbow Dash passes her and says hello. Rainbow Dash then realizes that it is Pinkie Pie and panics and tries to hide from her. Eventually heading back to Sweet Apple Acres to hide, Pinkie Pie catches up and tries to find out what is inside the red barn. Applejack refuses to let her in as 'construction' is going on (lie). Pinkie Pie gives up trying to get into the barn and leaves.

The next scene is Pinkie Pie tricking Spike into trying to tell her the real truth that is going on with her friends. At first Spike doesn't realize what Pinkie Pie is talking about and just begins talking. After awhile Pinkie Pie orders Spike to tell her what is going on with her friends and ends up making Spike say that her friends are avoiding her and lying because they don't like her parties, and they do not want to be her friends anymore. When Pinkie Pie realizes what Spike said, she goes back into her state before the Sonic Rainboom, where her hair in straight and she loses her color.

The following scene shows Pinkie Pie trying to create new friends instead of trying to get back her old friends by replacing them. She used rock's, a bucket of turnips, a ball of lint, and a sack of flour. She begins creating a conversation with her 'new friends' and they begin telling her that her old friends aren't worth her time anymore. Around then, Rainbow Dash walks in to bring Pinkie Pie back to Sweet Apple Acres. Pinkie Pie doesn't want to head with Rainbow Dash and causes her to drag Pinkie Pie all the way to Sweet Apple Acres. When they make it to the barn, the door opens up and everyone screams 'Surprise!'.

It was a surprise birthday party for Pinkie Pie the whole time but Pinkie thinks it is a farewell party to kick her out of the group of friends. Everyone talks her down and eventually she goes back to her normal state of Pinkie Pie again. The party commences and everyone is having a great time. They also end up celebrating Gummy's after birthday party also at the end. Twilight ends the episode with a letter to Princess Celestia:

Letter To Princess Celestia

Dear Princess Celestia,

I am writing to you from the most delightful party. I am not only having a great time with my friends, but was also given the opportunity to learn a valuable lesson about friendship. Always expect the best from your friends, and never assume the worst. Rest assured that a good friend always has your best interests at heart. Your faithful student, 

Twilight Sparkle.

Episode Transcript

You can see the episode transcript here.

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