Putting Your Hoof Down

Putting Your Hoof Down
Date March 3rd, 2012
Previous Episode A Friend in Deed
Next Episode It's About Time
Written by Merriwether Williams; story by Charlotte Fullerton

Putting Your Hoof Down is the nineteenth episode of the second season for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the forty-fifth episode overall. When Fluttershy gets fed up with being Pushed around and ignored, she takes up an assertiveness seminar run by Iron Will. But she ends up taking it a little too far causing her to act mean and bossy around everyone.


The episode starts with Fluttershy feeding her animal friends inside of her house. Where they were all eating animal feed on the floor while her pet rabbit Angel was stomping the ground, impatiently waiting to be fed separately. Fluttershy offers him a bowl of the animal feed but he kicks it away instead. She then offers him a salad, only for him to kick it away gesturing that it would make him sick. When Fluttershy asked him what will he eat, he pulled out a book wanting her to make him a more elaborate salad. She tried to convince him to eat the regular salad instead only for Angel to slap her and shove the book in her face where she gives in.

At the market, Fluttershy had almost gotten everything on her list. Now only leaving asparagus, tomatoes and a cherry unchecked. She begins waiting in line at the asparagus stand not having to wait long for her turn, she begins walking to the front only to have some pony cut in front of her. Fluttershy tries to explain to the pony that she had took her turn while also leaving the stand, where the pony only commented that she didn't noticed her. Then another pony in his elder years walked to the front of the stand. Fluttershy tried explaining the same thing as before unfortunately, the old pony's hearing was bad thinking that she had said it was alright to cut in front and left. Annoyed, she tries walking to the front of the stand when two ponies who seemingly came out of nowhere cut in front. Before Fluttershy could complain one of the pair told her to move back while the other agreed. Not wanting to argue, Fluttershy started backing away from the stand. When Rarity and Pinkie Pie saw this, they told her that she shouldn't let them treat her that way and that she had a problem. Not sure of what her friends meant by this. Pinkie Pie demonstrated by dashing past Fluttershy knocking her to the ground. Fluttershy told Pinkie to go on ahead first only proving her point. Both Rarity and Pinkie asked Fluttershy to promise to stand up for herself more. She promises and sees that there is one more pack of asparagus. Until a young stallion walked past the stand picking it up and paying for it. Fluttershy was ready to give up until Rarity walked towards the stallion, using her lady charms to convince him to give Fluttershy the asparagus.

Rarity asked her what else was on list pulling it out from Fluttershy's saddle bag. The next item on the list was the tomatoes. Fluttershy arrived at the tomato stand where she got what she needed and payed for it. Before she walked off, the mare in charge of the stand said that three tomatoes were two bits, not one. Fluttershy told her that last week they were only one bit but the shop owner only told her that, that was before and that they now cost two bits. Not wanting to argue about it. Fluttershy gives her the extra bit and walks off. Pinkie Pie shows up starting an argument with the shop owner over the price and then manages to trick the owner through a comical style argument into taking only one bit and ran off. After showing her how helpful asserting yourself can be, Fluttershy's eyes turned over to the cherry stand. Fluttershy rushed past her two friends asking the stand owner for the cherry while putting in detail for why she needed it. The stand owner sees this as a opportunity to raise the price of the fruit for ten bits. Surprised at how much the one cherry cost, Fluttershy tries to imitate her friends' demonstrations. Only for her to become confused, having the price go from high, low, and then high again.

Eventually, Fluttershy decided to give up when the shop owner raises the price to twenty bits and goes home to make the salad for Angel and tries to get him to eat it without the cherry on top. This only resulted in Angel kicking both the salad and Fluttershy out of her own home crashing against the mailbox. She comes to the realization that she is a doormat, one of the magazines from the mailbox landed on top of her and she begins reading the brochure to Iron Will's aggessive training seminar. After reading the ad, she decieds on going declaring that she will never be a pushover again. She arrives at the seminar along with a crowd of other ponies trying to move her way into the front of the line only to be knocked to the very back. Iron Will, a minotaur appears during a series of special effects on the stage and starts off the session by stating that with the help of his lessons you will no longer be considered a doormat and that if you aren't one hundred percent satisfied with his techniques it is free of charge. He then asks for one volunteer with everyone raising their hooves except for Fluttershy who was hiding within the crowd. Iron Will sends out his goat employees to seek out a suitable volunteer where one finds Fluttershy hiding in the back and alerts his co-worker along with Iron Will.

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