Royal Guards

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Royal Guards
Species Pegasus Ponies and Unicorn Ponies
Type Recurring Character
Eyes Cyan
Mane Blue
Coat White
Cutie Mark Unknown
Special Trait Guarding/chauffeuring
Voice Actor(s) Jayson Thiesson

The Royal Guards are dark gray Unicorn Ponies or white Pegasus Ponies, who wear solid golden armor, and serve Princess Celestia. They act as bodyguards for the princess, just in case. They are ceremonial guards at festivities, and chauffeurs for the princess on several occasions.



The royal guards wear golden roman armor, and they wear roman helmets too, the crests on top of the helmets are the same color as their tails too.

A unicorn royal guard

The unicorn royal guards are dark gray, have orange eyes and their mane and helmet crest are white and silver.

Cutie Mark

It cannot be seen because of their armor.


The Royal Guards are always serious and never ever speak. Except in the episode A Bird in the Hoof when Rainbow Dash requested that Philomena tickled the guards, and this made them laugh.


They live in Canterlot with the ruler Princess Celestia.

Episode Appearances

The guards make their first appearance in the show's title sequence, where the Unicorn guards stand at the feet of Princess Celestia's throne. The royal guards also make their longest appearance in the episode A Bird in the Hoof doing multiple tasks.

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