Sapphire Shores

Sapphire Shores
Species Earth Pony
Type Recurring Character
Mane Blue
Coat Pale Olive
Eyes Lemon Yellow
Cutie Mark Seashell (see Appearance section)
Special Trait Popstar
Voice Actor(s) Rena Anakwe (English)
Brygida Turowska (Polish)
Magda Giner (Latin Spanish)
Jennie Jahns (Swedish)

Sapphire Shores first appears in the episode A Dog and Pony Show when she visits Rarity's shop to look for a new dress for her tour. She is excited to see Rarity's newly-made diamond garment and wants to buy it, along with five more with different gems.

Sapphire Shores also speaks in a loud and theatrical voice, and she inserts musical intonations into her sentences. Even though she is really famous and mannerism, Sapphire is actually friendly and approachable toward Rarity; when she visits Rarity's shop she asks to be called by her first name, and this all makes Rarity really happy and when Rarity first sees her, she calls her the ""The Pony of Pop."



She dresses with a flair befitting her personality and is evidentially willing or able to spend a fortune on new clothing. When she steps into Rarity's boutique she is wearing a white, ruffled dress with gold trim and what appear to be sapphires adorning the waist, and a fluffy plume on the back.


Despite her being loud, she is actually quite friendly.

Cutie Mark

Her cutie mark is hidden by her dress in the show and present as a seashell in her official G4 toy - a carry-over from her G3 appearance.


Episode Appearances

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