Sea Serpent

Sea Serpent
Species Sea Serpent
Type Wild Animal
Eyes Black
Mane Orange with yellow streaks
Coat Purple (scales)
Cutie Mark N/A
Special Trait N/A
Voice Actor(s) Lee Tockar (English)
Gerald Schaale (German)
Riccardo Peroni (Italian)
Hiroshi Iwasaki (Japanese)
Janusz Wituch (Polish)

The Sea Serpent first appears in the episode Elements of Harmony when Nightmare Moon cuts off half of his mustache, which leads him into a tantrum that makes the river impassable for Twilight Sparkle and her friends. But Rarity stepped up and helped the poor Sea Serpent by cutting off part of her tail to regenerate his lost mustache. The serpent then offered to let them cross the river on his body. Though Fluttershy has a fear of dragons, she wasn't scare of the serpent at all.

He has acquired the fanon name Steven Magnet because of an audio transcription error on Youtube.



Sea Serpent with his new mustache

The Sea Serpent has a long, serpentine body (resembling an Asian dragon), with purple scales. He also has orange hair, eyebrows, and mustache.


The Sea Serpent is rather "flamboyant", wearing his hair in a style no other guy probably would. He also is very feminine. He also is devastated because part of his mustache gets cut off, acting like a girl who just broke one of her nails.


In a river in the Everfree Forest.

Episode Appearances

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