Sonic Rainboom

Sonic Rainboom
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Date February 8th, 2011
Theme Stage fright
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Sonic Rainboom is the Fifteenth episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It was originally aired on television channel named The Hub on February 8th, 2011. It is about Rainbow Dash attempting to do her second Sonic Rainboom during a competition.


In this episode you are immediately shown Rainbow Dash trying to help Fluttershy with her ability to cheer loud for the competition ahead. Rainbow Dash is getting frustrated with Fluttershy being too quiet when cheering and cannot get her to scream loud enough for it to even be a cheer. Angry, Rainbow Dash gives up for the time being and attempts her stunt she is going to pull at the competition.

The stunt consists of flying insanely fast high into the air, gaining speed as she goes, spinning around clouds. This causes the clouds to start rotating around before she darts away from them and nose dives towards the ground. Once in the nose dive, she is to attempt creating a Sonic Rainboom. However, as she is just about to break the sound barrier, she slows down and gets flung backward. She then crash lands into the Library, where Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Applejack are cleaning up the Library. This crash causes the whole place to become messy once more.

Apologizing, Rainbow Dash makes a remark that it was a terrible performance. As she is mentioning it, Fluttershy comes through the window and mentions that the performance was pretty decent. But, Rainbow Dash was talking about how poor Fluttershy’s cheer is. Curious, the other ponies ask Rainbow Dash why she wants Fluttershy to cheer, she explains to them about the tournament. How it is going to be a very important event where the Wonderbolts are going to be showing up and watching the performers do their stunts. Hiding her fear, she mentions that she is ready to ace the competition and show off her Sonic Rainboom thus getting the Wonderbolts attention. Though, Rainbow Dash clearly does not think that she will be able to perform the Sonic Rainboom during the competition as she has not been able to do it since she was a filly and Rarity notices her nervousness. After Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy leave, Rarity forces Twilight Sparkle to find a spell dealing with giving them wings to fly up to Cloudsdale and cheer them on. Luckily Pinkie Pie had a book land on her that had the exact spell. Twilight noticed the spell was extremely difficult and asked for a person to test it on first. Rarity steps forward to be the test subject. The spell ended up working and Rarity had temporary wings.

Up in Cloudsdale, Rainbow Dash is getting taunted by the 3 bullies shown tormenting her nearly every time she is in Cloudsdale. They gave her the nickname ‘Rainbow Crash’ as they believe she was kicked out of flight school due to the rules. Fluttershy comes into the conversation trying to be assertive and tells the bullies that she will perform the Sonic Rainboom during the show and wow everyone. The bullies end up laughing and say it’s a myth that it even happened. This incident with the bullies caused Rainbow Dash to become very panicky and start jumping to conclusions of what would happen if she did not do the Sonic Rainboom. Fluttershy then notices Rarity flying above them and is in awe. Barely being able to say Rarity, Rainbow Dash turns around to see Rarity with beautiful wings that shine light through. Clueless as to how Rarity got her wings, they ask and Rarity mentions the whole group is in Cloudsdale. In a hot air balloon is Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Twilight Sparkle are at Cloudsdale to support Rainbow Dash.

While they still have time before the competition, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy begin to show the group around Cloudsdale. They show where the weather is being created and walk in on the first area. They show how the delicate process of creating snowflakes. However, due to Rarity not realizing her wings generating wind, it causes every snowflake to go into the air and has everyone running around in panic trying to save each snowflake. They move on to where the rainbows are being created. This is where Pinkie Pie attempts eating some of the rainbow, realizing it are very hot and spicy. While the group is laughing, Rarity is being noticed as the pony with the most beautiful wings. Eventually the popularity got to her head and signed up to compete in the competition against Rainbow Dash.

At the contest Rainbow Dash is supposed to go second according to her number. But, due to her being scared of whether or not she’ll be able to perform the Sonic Rainboom, she keeps changing her number until she is the last remaining pony for the competition along with Rarity, whom has been getting ready and letting others take her place. By the end, there is only enough time for 1 more contestant, so both of them have to go out at the same time. Being forced to go out, Rainbow Dash is very nervous going out at first. She eventually gains composure and attempts her routine while Rarity impresses the crowd with her wings. Rainbow Dash nearly completes her first part of the routine flawlessly before hitting a pillar and crashing into a wall. After that mess up, she flies up to the clouds to spin them around. Once again, almost doing the second part of the routine flawlessly, she loses control of a cloud and almost hits Princess Celestia. Finally just as she is going to do the Sonic Rainboom, Rarity’s wings burn away due to too much sunlight and Rarity starts plummeting to her death. Reacting accordingly, the Wonderbolts head down to attempt saving her. But due to Rarity’s kicking, knocks all three of the Wonderbolts unconscious causing Rainbow Dash to fly down as fast as she can to save them. By doing this she ends up creating the Sonic Rainboom and saves all 4 ponies.

Due to her courageous act of saving all 4 ponies, Princess Celestia awarded Rainbow Dash the trophy of being the best flier in Cloudsdale. After the cheering went by, she was confronted by the Wonderbolts who came over to thank her for saving them. They informed her if she wanted to hang out with them sometime she could.

At the end of the episode Princess Celestia asks Twilight Sparkle if she learned anything. Though she learned something, she let Rarity speak about what she learned:

Rarity: I learned how important it is to keep your hooves on the ground, and be there for your friends.

Episode Transcript

You can see the episode transcript here.

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