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A Bird in the HoofA Bird in the Hoof/Transcript
A Dog and Pony ShowA Dog and Pony Show/Transcript
A Friend in Deed/TranscriptAngelApple Bloom
Apple Family
Applebuck SeasonApplebuck Season/TranscriptApplejack
AppleloosaApples to the CoreArt of the Dress (Rarity's Dressmaking Song)
Ashleigh BallAt the GalaAunt Orange
B.B.B.F.F.Babs Seed (song)
Baby Cakes/TranscriptBats (song)
Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know)Big Jim Miller
Big McIntoshBloombergBoast Busters
Boast Busters/TranscriptBraeburnBridle Gossip
Bridle Gossip/TranscriptBritt McKillipCall of the Cutie
Call of the Cutie/TranscriptCanterlotCanterlot Archives
Carousel BoutiqueCheerileeChief Thunderhooves
CloudsdaleCockatriceCranky Doodle Donkey (song)
Cranky Doodle JoyCreditsCupcake Song
Cutie MarkCutie Mark Chronicles
Cutie Mark CrusadersCutie Mark Crusaders Song
Derpy HoovesDiamond Dogs
Diamond TiaraDiscordDragon Quest/Transcript
Earth Ponies
Elements of HarmonyElements of Harmony (episode)Elements of Harmony (episode)/Transcript
EquestriaEquestria Girls
Everfree ForestEvil Enchantress songFall Weather Friends
Fall Weather Friends/TranscriptFamily Appreciation Day/TranscriptFeeling Pinkie Keen
Feeling Pinkie Keen/TranscriptFind A Pet SongFind the Music in You
FireflyFluttershyGenerosity (song)
Giggle at the GhostieGildaGlass of Water
Grand Galloping GalaGranny SmithGreen Isn't Your Color
Green Isn't Your Color/TranscriptGriffon the Brush-OffGriffon the Brush-Off/Transcript
GummyGustyHearth's Warming Eve/Transcript
Hearts Strong as HorsesHearts and Hooves Day/Transcript
Hoity ToityHoofingtonHoops
Hop Skip and Jump songHurricane Fluttershy/TranscriptHush Now Lullaby
HydraI'm at the Grand Galloping GalaIron Pony Competition
Iron WillIt's About TimeIt's About Time/Transcript
James "Wootie" WoottonJayson ThiessenJohn de Lancie
Junior Speedsters ChantLesson ZeroLesson Zero/Transcript
LibraryList of EpisodesList of Magic Spells
Little StrongheartLook Before You SleepLook Before You Sleep/Transcript
Love Is In BloomLuna EclipsedLuna Eclipsed/Transcript
LyraMain PageMane Six
Mare in the Moon (Legend)Mare in the Moon (episode)Mare in the Moon (episode)/Transcript
May the Best Pet Win!/TranscriptMayorMr. And Mrs. Cake
Music in the TreetopsMy Little Pony: Crystal Princess Runaway RainbowMy Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic/EpisodesMy Little Pony: Friendship is Magic/Friendship ReportsMy Little Pony: Friendship is Magic/Songs
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic/TranscriptsMy Little Pony: Pinkie Pie's PartyMy Very Best Friends (My Little Pony Theme Song)
NDSNightmare MoonOpalescence
Over a BarrelOver a Barrel/TranscriptOwl's Well That Ends Well
Owl's Well That Ends Well/TranscriptOwlowiscious
Party of OneParty of One/Transcript
Pegasus PoniesPhilomenaPhoto Finish
Pinkie's Gala Fantasy SongPinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie's Singing TelegramPinkie the Party Planner
Pony PokeyPonyvillePonyville Confidential/Transcript
Prince BluebloodPrincess CadancePrincess Celestia
Princess LunaPutting Your Hoof Down
Putting Your Hoof Down/Transcript
Rainbow DashRaise This BarnRarity
Read It and Weep/TranscriptReturn of Harmony (part 1)/TranscriptReturn of Harmony (part 2)/Transcript
Richard Ian CoxRoyal Guards
Sapphire ShoresScootalooScore
Sea SerpentSecret of My Excess/TranscriptShadowbolts
Shining ArmorSilver Spoon
Sisterhooves SocialSisterhooves Social/TranscriptSmile Song
SnailsSnipsSo Many Wonders
Soarin’Sonic Rainboom (episode)
Sonic Rainboom (episode)/TranscriptSonic Rainboom (event)Sparkler
SpikeSpitfireStare Master
Stare Master/TranscriptSugarcube Corner
Suited For SuccessSuited For Success/TranscriptSummer Sun Celebration
Swarm of the CenturySwarm of the Century/TranscriptSweet Apple Acres
Sweet and Elite/TranscriptSweetie BelleTabitha St. Germain
TankTara StrongThe Ballad of the Crystal Empire
The Best Night EverThe Best Night Ever/TranscriptThe Cutie Mark Chronicles
The Cutie Mark Chronicles/TranscriptThe Cutie Pox/TranscriptThe Failure Song
The Flim Flam Brothers (song)The Last Roundup/TranscriptThe Mysterious Mare Do Well/Transcript
The Perfect StallionThe Return Of Harmony Part 2The Return of Harmony (part 1)
The Show StoppersThe Show Stoppers/Transcript
The Success SongThe Super Duper Party PonyThe Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000/Transcript
The Ticket MasterThe Ticket Master/TranscriptThis Day Aria
TrixieTwilight Sparkle
Twilight is My Bestest FriendTwist
Unicorn PoniesUrsa MajorUrsa Minor
Welcome SongWinonaWinter Wrap Up
Winter Wrap Up/TranscriptWinter Wrap Up (song)
WonderboltsYou Got to Share, You Got to CareZecora