Species Dragon
Type Main Character/Companion
Eyes Lime Green
Coat Purple and green with green spikes
Special Trait Sending letters
Voice Actor(s) Cathy Weseluck (English)
Nina Christrup (Danish)
Cynthia de Graaff (Dutch)
Cynthia de Graaff (Dutch)
Alexandra Correa (European French)
Hannes Maurer (German)
Tania de Domenico (Italian)
Motoko Kumai (Japanese)
Sarah MacDonald Berge (Norwegian)
Dominika Kluźniak (Polish)
Fransisco Freitas (Brazilian Portuguese)
Sofia Garcia (European Spanish)
Cecilia Gomez (Latin American Spanish)
Anneli Heed (Swedish)
Owner Twilight Sparkle

Spike is a male baby dragon (one of the few characters known that is male) that is Twilight Sparkle's number 1 assistant. Spike was born when Twilight Sparkle was taking her entry exam for Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. The task for Twilight was to hatch Spike out of his egg using her magical powers. When she attempted at first, nothing happened. She eventually kept trying and still could not hatch Spike. Just when hope was lost, Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom made a huge bang and startled Twilight Sparkle. Because of this sonic rainboom, it made her horn go haywire and eventually hatched Spike from his egg. Eventually Princess Celestia stopped Twilight Sparkle and became her star pupil.

Spike, during the show, helps Twilight Sparkle with her studies and whatever her friends want. Though, since he is just a baby dragon, he can only be up til a certain time until he crashes and falls asleep. He is also one of the few characters to return from the older generations.



Spike as a baby

Spike has purple scales with a green body, and green spikes that go from his end to the end of his body, and he has a tail.

As a baby nothing is different, except of course, he has baby features.


Spike is a bit sarcastic and he often laughs at others' misfortunes. But, he is also very helpful and supportive towards Twilight Sparkle. He is also very protective of his masculinity and says he doesn't like anything 'girly', though he can be seen being enthusiastic about stuff like than as any of the others. Spike can be insecure sometimes, for example when he thought Owlowiscious was going to steal his "Number One Assistant" spot away from Twilight Sparkle.

One thing that can seen during the series is that he really enjoys announcing. He got into this first in the episode Fall Weather Friends, where he was going to announce for the Iron Pony Competition, he later got disheartened when Pinkie Pie was already set up as the announcer for the Running of the Leaves, but she then asked him if he wanted to be co-announcer and he had no problem with saying yes. In the episode Suited For Success he continued to do this where he emceed Rarity's fashion show for Hoity-Toity.


Spike has a unique ability to be able to send scrolls instantly to wherever he wants to send them. He sends scrolls that Twilight Sparkle tells him to write about what she learned today to Princess Celestia. He can also receive scrolls from whomever sends him or Twilight Sparkle a message. Spike also seems to like being an annoucer and seems like he has some skill with it, which can be seen in the episode Fall Weather Friends when he wants to annouce for the Iron Pony Competition, and when he emcees for Rarity's fashion show in the episode Suited For Success.


He lives with Twilight Sparkle in the library in Ponyville.

Episode Appearances

Spike is in every episode except for Look Before You Sleep, Call of the Cutie, Sonic Rainboom and Stare Master.

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